West Coast Love Affair…



Another year calls for another trip to the West Coast of the U.S.A – more specifically L.A.  I first realised we had something serious going on when I visited here in 2009 with 2 girlfriends and had the ‘time of our lives’ literally though, it was one of my favourite trips.  Since then the trips back to this corner of the world have continued (as have the air miles collection – ta for creating that British Airways!) so the 11 hour flight from Heathrow to LAX now seems some what ‘normal’ to me.  In April it seems that half of the population of the world descends on Los Angeles to make their way towards Palm Spring for Coachella – and trust me once you get to the festival it really does feel like half the world are there. So. Many. People.  I went along this year as a delighted guest of Very Exclusive which was super handy as they also dressed me for the festival (festival fashion being one of my favourite things, like ever, and luckily for you lot I’ve created a cutie little collage of all of my top Coachella pieces for you to take a little browse through and shop ’til your hearts content. (Finish reading this though because there’s more good bits still to come!)  After a full on but bloody fabulous 3 days at Coachella it was time to head back to LA but luckily my trip was far from over.  To balance out all of the ‘hecticness’ of the festival it was only right that I recovered in the most glorious of ways – after all, I had technically been ‘working’ at Coachella (is anyone really buying what I’m saying – I think not but I’m gonna go with it).  In my time I have been so lucky to stay in some pretty fancy hotels but this time I stayed at the Beverly Hilton, a hotel that I had heard of so many times but never actually managed to walk the walls and experience life as a short term resident of theirs.  Well let me tell you, whatever you see and think of the Beverly Hilton from the outside, it is like a billion times better on the inside; which is saying something because the outside is pretty swanky to be fair!  I was put up in a Junior Suite with a corner balcony meaning I had views of pretty much the whole of Beverly Hills and got to make use of the amazing facilities the hotel had to offer, my favourites being the pool and the food. Obviously.  You also get a Beverly Hilton robe and slippers which in my eyes, if a hotel offers you that then they’ve won all of the hospitality points and I’m probably going to have booked my next visit before finishing my first.  When I did venture out of the hotel it was to head down to Malibu, more specifically Malibu Farm which I had never visited before but if you ever get the chance to visit, order the green chicken tacos – you’re welcome.

I guess the moral of life right here is that if you go to LA (which I highly recommend) you should make sure that you do a few very simple but VERY important things.  Visit the Beverly Hilton, ideally stay there but if not then their restaurant by the pool serves the best tuna poke bowl and some delicious cocktails, head down to Malibu Farm for not only the food but the views too, in fact stop off at Zuma beach whilst you’re there. And finally, try to blag a ticket to Coachella, I’ll see you by the ferris wheel.

Check out my Coachella look book video below and if you enjoy it then don’t forget to head over to my YouTube channel where there is whole lot more of my face waiting to be watched!

5 Easy Steps to Clearer Skin


Photo by Philipp Lipiarski

I have lost count the number of times I have stared at those beautiful girls on Instagram with their flawless skin and no bags under their eyes literally wondering if those people actually exist (before realising that they probably don’t and a filter has worked just a well for them as it does for me on a daily basis!) But you know what I mean, there are some pretty gorgeous people out there – and I refuse to spend anymore time wishing I could look like them and more time making sure I look like the best version of myself.

If you haven’t ever experienced a ‘bad skin day’ in your life then leave right now, you haven’t experienced the true frustration of trying to make your face look like it’s wearing minimal make up by adding just that, more make up!  Well I decided to take it back to basics and talk about real life ways you can help your skin improve and there’s not a VSCO filter or ‘pimple removing app’ in sight! Before I start I need to say that I feel fortunate enough to have never experienced acne, something which I know many people suffer with and there are several different types of medication to help treat that – as I haven’t had any experience in this area I can’t write about it on my blog which I know a few of you have asked but if you want to find out about some girls that I know regularly discuss their own acne journey then tweet me as I would love to direct you to their pages for you to get the guidance you’re after.

Anyway, back to spots. Dark circles, dry patches and all of the other annoying things our skin gives us when we don’t treat it with the love it deserves. I have 5 pretty simple steps in helping improve the condition of your skin. I should also add that these 5 steps aren’t going to break the bank, in fact, a lot of them are 100% completely free and you can do at home or without travelling far and wide!


 It can be difficult knowing what to use on your skin when every single brand is telling you that their product is the best on the market for one thing or another but this is where it is so important to do your research and maybe even a trial and error to see what works. I’ve mentioned so many times how much I love Clinique products for my skin. I have used them for years now, I have a few favourites that I love including the ‘Take The Day Off’ eye make up remover and the ‘Foaming Face Wash’ which I use with my cleansing brush (which also happens to be from Clinique but you can get from loads of different places). As well as this they are constantly releasing new ranges with some of the best science behind it. I’m not going to get too scientific or technical because we both know that all I will be doing it copying what it says on the back of the box, BUT what I do know is that their new Fresh Pressed range, (yes it’s meant to make you think of orange juice FYI) has more Vitamin C in it than any other product like it on the market. That is one pretty bold statement if you ask me and something that I am ALL FOR! It works in the most magical way too, this little pipette that it comes in has a special seal that once opened they recommend you use continuously for the next 7 days to get maximum results. The containers are only small, for this reason and you can buy them in bumper packs so that you have enough packages to last you for a while if you end up loving it (which you will). Another great thing about it is that you get instant results which I think in todays world is so vital. We want everything now. That dress we ordered 5 minutes ago, we want it 10 minutes ago. Our coffee that we ordered, we want to have it before we enter Starbucks. You get my drift. With Fresh Pressed, Clinique are able to give you instant brightening and ‘zing’ – my word not theirs by the way, which is what we want! Check out some of my other favourites of theirs below and continue reading to discover other ways I keep my skin feeling and looking on top form!

Shop Clinique



 Seems obvious right? I’m writing this slightly ashamed too as I certainly don’t drink enough water myself and am moaning to myself on a daily basis that I need to always carry a water bottle and drink 2 litres a day (which if I’m perfectly honest I thin is kinda unrealistic – I have to work too you know?! I can’t spend 90% of my day guzzling down 2 litres of water as I would have no time to do anything else and any free time I did have would be spent taking trips to the bathroom at any opportunity to get rid of the copious amounts my body has taken in!) But, I do try to drink as much as I possibly can and always opt for filtered water, OK I have Evian at any given chance because I prefer it to other brands and YES THEY DO TASTE DIFFERENT! I was recently sent a water bottle from Garner (I’m part of the Garner family now if you didn’t know or see the million pics I put on Instagram about it!) It is a clear flask with lines on the side evenly spaced and next to each line there is a different time, on one side of the bottle it starts at 9am and every few centimetres a new line with the next hour is written until you get to the bottom of the bottle and have only got to about 2pm so you spin the bottle around and the lines and number are repeated on the other side with times 3pm onwards working all the way down to 8pm. The aim of this is to drink the entire contents of the bottle by 2pm and then refill it and do it all again by 8pm and if you get to the end of the previous hour without having finished that segment then it’s guzzle guzzle time for you to make sure you stay on track. I personally love this idea and it massively helps me get the right amount of water that I need. Of course you don’t need a fancy bottle for this (although it is super cool so I’d recommend it!) You could easily use a sharpie pen to draw lines and write the times on a regular water bottle. Give it a go, you’ll no doubt surprise yourself at how competitive you are when it comes to drinking water within a time frame and your skin will love you for it!


 Yes I know the animal fries from In’N’Out are ‘soooo good’ but your skin hates them. With a passion. For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I love to eat junk food every now and then and allow myself cheat days. I am by no means a ‘clean eater’ – is that even a realistic goal anyway? However I do know that my skin reacts to the food I put into my body. I have never had any major weight gain (which is probably also down to the fact that I exercise, which I will be getting to in my next point.) But food effects my body in a different way, if I have too much sugar my skin breaks out in spots, too much fat in foods and my skin looks tired and dull and too any carbs (pasta’s a bitch for this!) and I get a puffy face. So I know what to avoid if I don’t want those things, obviously sometimes I will be craving carbs and they’re not actually as bad for you as the sugary stuff but I wouldn’t have carbs the day before a photoshoot as I want my face at it’s best and to not look like a puffer fish. Diet and skin are really closely related and if you find that you struggle with breakouts and aren’t sure why then I would advise you to make a food diary and see if what you’re eating is making a difference to how your skin is reacting.

Salad from The Detox Kitchen


 I told you it was coming so this point should’t be a huge shock for you. Exercise releases endorphins aka ‘happy hormones’. And when we’re happy our skin is happy. When we sweat we are getting rid of all of the bad toxins in our body that we don’t need or want so the more you sweat it out, the less that is inside your body and potentially clogging your skin. I know that some of you don’t like to go make up free in the gym and that is totally fine but make sure you’re using the right make up products on your face when you exercise – another reason why I love Clinique – for their kind ingredients and lightweight products that give coverage with a super light feeling. Also we’re not just keeping our skin happy through exercise, we’re keeping our heart in great shape – which is undoubtedly a little more important than keeping our skin healthy! It also keeps our body in shape so over all we feel pretty damn good! If having a healthy heart, clear skin and great booty isn’t motivation enough for you to workout then I literally have nothing else for ya!


OK so cheese-tactic Danielle over here but it’s true. And although it may seem easier said than done we just need to make time for things that makes us happy like spending time with friends or family. Taking an hour out of our day to read a book or our favourite blog (hey there!) or watch YouTube videos but only those that make us feel good and positive. I have always had a thing for quotes. Those of you who are the OG’s of my social media days will remember my ‘Quote of the Day’ that I used to post all the time. I still have a folder of quotes on my phone and every so often I post one on Instagram or Twitter but I look trough them regularly as they instil positive vibes in me. It’s also really interesting to see how they’ve changed over the years from when I’ve been sad and saved negative quotes to more recently when they’ve all been super uplifting and help me believe that I can literally conquer the world. Whatever it is that will make you happy, do more of it. Unless it involves going against any of the above 4 points in which case you won’t be happy because you’ll be doing something to piss of your skin! Anyway, if you’re happy within yourself and as stress free as possible it will show in your skin and be clearer with that extra ‘glow’.

Photo by Philipp Lipiarski

I would love to know if you have any other tips or tricks,things that you have found help you when you have breakouts. Leave a comment below and don’t forget to tweet me any other blog post ideas!

Confidence Chat – Why We Need It & Where To Find It

When I look at my past self, not just to last month or last year, I'm talking right back to when I was 5 or 6, I was obsessed with following my older sister around and doing exactly what she did and how she did it.  I had no idea why but she was (and still is to some extent although I would never admit it to her!) my hero who seems to be able to tackle anything and have a solution for any problem I may have had in my life - and trust me there have been some turbulent times when I've relied on her guidance to get me through the day!  At the time growing up I wouldn't have been able to say what it was that made me so in awe of her, besides the fact that she's my sister and my parents brought us up to love and care for each other first and foremost above anyone else that would come into our lives.  It's only now that I can appreciate and realise that the reason I looked up to her so much and admired her was because she was so confident.  Something which I have struggled with my entire life.  Now I am well aware that a few of you may have muttered to yourself 'yeah right, you seem so confident though' and that right there is where you will be 100% correct.  I have learned through life that confidence may not be naturally instilled in everyone like it was in my sister from a young age but that in order for people to believe we are confident we must portray an heir of confidence and slowly but surely it will build and before you know it - BAM, you're the one inspiring others to find their inner confidence and let it radiate out for the world to see.


"...I looked up to her so much and admired her because she was so confident.  Something which I have struggled with my entire life."


Now this post isn't claiming to have all of the answers but I wanted to shed a bit of light on how I feel I have grown and gained confidence in my life but also stay true to the reality that it is inevitable we will all have days when we feel like shit and don't believe in ourselves and that's OK too.  I truly had to start tackling my battle with self confidence when I was about 23 or 24 and I started to meet new people and hold a conversation with them.  That seems like a pretty late age to have to combat something so big but before then I had been at school with the same people and then moved onto dance college where your talent showed far more than any amount of confidence would so I would just focus on being the best at dancing as I could be and that would help me avoid having to be extrovert or confident in anyway.  

So at around 23 I started travelling a lot more and would meet people older than me from all walks of life and because of pretty much being forced into it I had to learn how to hold my own.  At the time I hated it and remember calling my mum on several occasions to ask what I should talk about etc but looking back on that now, it's the best thing I had to do and I would encourage anyone who thinks they lack confidence to put yourself into a situation that you would normally shy away from and avoid and just give it a go.  It could be something as simple as calling to make an appointment somewhere (something which I used to have to get my mum to do for me!) The smallest of tasks to everyone else will be the biggest of achievements to you and you will feel a little more positive and confident the more you do these things - I promise you!


"...I would encourage anyone who thinks they lack confidence to put yourself into a situation that you would normally shy away from and avoid and just give it a go."


If you've got to this point in the post and are thinking 'yeah but this won't work for me' then you need to start from one step previous to this and feed yourself confidence.  Wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you're going to have a good day and when you're dressed and ready to go out tell yourself that you look great.  You may not look like the supermodels that you see in the magazines - heck the supermodels don't even look like the supermodels you see in the magazines!  But start to give yourself little confidence boosts throughout the day, just little fist pump moments that will make you feel good and ultimately put you in a great mood that will then be visible for others to see.  This will make people believe that you're confident, it may not be the type of confidence you thought you would have but everyone has to start somewhere and by building yourself up this way more and more, you will gain more confidence.  We're so used to tearing ourselves down and critiquing every element of our lives and appearance that we often forget to look after number 1 and give ourselves little pep talks to remind us how great we are!


"We're so used to tearing ourselves down and critiquing every element of our lives and appearance that we often forget to look after number 1..."

Self confidence is something that I have discovered to be so important to me and although I still struggle with it sometimes, by following these few steps whenever I need to I feel as though my confidence builds an massively helps me professionally and personally.  If this blog post has helped you or made you think about things a little different then I would love to read about it below in the comments.  Also let me know any other topics you would like me to write about as you guys know that I love writing about real issues that matter to you the most.

Love, Danielle x

New In Beauty Must Haves

One of the highlights of doing what I do is getting to try out the brand new beauty products that get sent to me regularly by some of my favourite brands.  I feel like recently there have been so many beauty deliveries that rather than write a post on each of the different brands I would do a big post with all of them in so that you can compare them for yourself and decide whether you want to head out and buy any of them (or all of them which you probably will want to after seeing what I've got to show you!)  I always love to read your comments and find out what you're loving at the moment so get interactive an comment below letting me know your thoughts and which of the bits you're thinking of buying.

Estée Lauder

Just when you think that Estée Lauder have released their best product ever, they go and out do them selves with another winner.  This time it's an addition to the 'Double Wear' family.  The go to foundation by make up artists world wide, Double Wear is a foundation with coverage so good that you could've been partying with the Rolling Stones for 4 days straight and had no sleep and it will make you look as fresh as a daisy with not a blemish or bag in site!  To add to this wonderful collection, Estée Lauder have released their Double Wear make up remover wipes for when you're ready to remove that make up mask and return to being the most honest version of your self a la fresh face.  With life getting more and more hectic, we don't always have time for our full routine to remove make up and do the 12 steps that can sometimes follow, this is where these wipes come in handy, or if you've been sweating it out in your favourite workout class and need a quick refresh. These wipes will remove waterproof mascara and also have a conditioning formula which hydrates the skin whilst still leaving it fresh and clean. The packaging looks so fancy too, double win for your Double Wear!

As well as the make up remover wipes, Estée Lauder have also released 3 new primers, for when you're ready to put your make up back on (it's a never ending cycle this make up malarkey!!) The three primers each have their own purpose - one to illuminate, one to smooth and the other to give a matte finish depending on what you require for your specific skin type.  Personally I love the Illuminating Perfecting Primer as I love a glow to my finished make up look, I'm also a fan of The Smoother as I tend to have an uneven skin tone and this blends everything together perfectly before I apply the rest of my make up.

Shop the Double Wear Wipes / Shop the Primers

YSL Beauty

It's always a great day when I spot the gold shiny packaging in a parcel from the post man.  That noticeable YSL box could be recognised anywhere and is always sure to contain something that is going to make me so happy.  This time, t happened to be some new make up goodies all focusing on the eyes.  To start with there is the Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Shock in 3 colours, Asphalt Black, Underground Blue andRough Burgundy. This brand new volumising mascara has a wider brush than usual and is perfectly symmetrical allowing an equal amount of product to stay on the brush resulting in an even application that is more intense and dramatic than before. The new Underground eyeshadow palette includes colours from black to deep purple and a mixture of matte and shimmer tones.  It is the perfect palette for anyone wanting to create a smokey eye and is the perfect thing to be used before applying another of their new products, the Eye Gloss Smudger.  Yes, an eye gloss smudger is exactly what you think.  It can be applied to a bare lid or over eyeshadow to create an eye popping glossy look whilst still providing a non sticky texture.  This look has been all over the catwalk and featured in editorial magazines everywhere; YSL Beauty are now allowing you to create this look for yourself at home.  Finally the Brow Felt Tip is the brand new product to create that full brow look.  It's precision tip allows you to perfectly fill in any gaps in your brows and get the neatest and cleanest shape you want.


Shop YSL Beauty

Jo Malone London

Valentines may have passed but the great thing about Jo Malone London is that their scents can be enjoyed all throughout the year.  This year just ahead of the official day of Love, they reintroduced us to their Red Roses collection with notes of Lemon, Velvet Rose and Honeycomb.  Even if you haven't smelt it, you can imagine the scent these 3 notes create and it is anything but disappointing! This collection was actually inspired by seven of the world's most exquisite roses and is available in a variety of colognes, body washes and so much more.  Jo Malone London candles are a favourite of mine and constantly have one burning wherever I am.

Shop Jo Malone London


You may or may not be familiar with Guerlain, I have mentioned their uber feminine La Petite Robe Noire collection before and now they have launched their Super-Lash Style mascara.  The packaging much like the lipstick from the same collection is so instagrammable and one for stylish girls who like to treat their faces with the highest of quality products. The mascara itself contains beeswax and a plant based wax designed to thicken and lengthen whilst the wand allows for a complete application from the very root of the lash.  It also has super staying power and can remain untouched for 8 hours after just one single application.  Your eyes wont be the only thing getting attention though as Guerlain have also released a Lip & Cheek tint in one.  Created from a long-lasting gel, when this is applied to the apple of your cheeks and your lips it will perfectly tie your entire make up look together and give a subtle pink colour without drawing too much attention but keeping everyone guessing what you're wearing.  It's silky texture and mild mint ingredient encourages plumping of the lips and cheeks whilst reacting with the skins pH to ensure the pink tone is the perfect shade for you.

Shop Guerlain

The Insta-Babes I’m Obsessing Over & Why You Should Too

If you don't know that I'm all about being active then you must be new here.  Being fit and constantly moving are things that I don't only need to maintain the physique I want but also keeps me sane.  Physical activity is proven to help with mental health - something which I feel isn't discussed often enough when talking about being fit and active.  There is always a stigma attached to it that if you do loads of exercise you just want to be 'skinny' which is OH SO WRONG!  The last thing I want to be is skinny; slim yes but also strong.  I want to feel strong both physically and mentally and throughout my active life there have bene a few girls  that I have been really drawn to via social media.  They may not do the same workouts as me or even be aware that I exist but their constant messages of support and motivation to whoever is following them is something that I appreciate so much and want to share with you guys.  Check you my Top 5 active babes below and make sure to start following them too!


I stumbled across Hannah's page FashionableFit about a year ago and was first taken a back her immaculate Instagram theme.  To me, Hannah is #instagramgoals in so many ways as she makes her life look so fun and exciting yet is still showing people exactly what she's about.  She posts regular workouts from either her home country of Sweden or more recently some snapshots of when she ran over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  When she's not working out she's eating (and posting pics of) some of the amazing meals she eats, they always look so good and give me major food envy.  Personally I love how Hannah showcases her love of being active with her interest in fashion and a good time with friends - you won't regret following her, trust me!

Instagram / Website



I first met these girls when I taught my very own masterclass on behalf of Reebok in central London in 2016 and their energy was so infectious!  I taught a part workout part dance class and loved the fact that Steph trained as a professional dancer so was nailing every single move whilst both girls were executing a mean squat in the warm up section of the class.  Their duo name '2 peas in a bod' could not be more suited to these 2 who will finish each others sentences and hold weekly workouts on their Facebook page showcasing what they have been up to in the gym recently.  I always feel so energised when I scroll past a video on their page or even bump into them at an event! Make sure you check them out.

Chessie's Instagram / Steph's Instagram / Facebook




I've known AJ for a few years now and some of you may know her from TV where she is a regular presenter on 4Music.  However, when AJ isn;t interviewing some of the world's biggest celebs (errrrrm Lady Gaga sent her flowers once!) you will find her in a gym or outdoors taking on a butt kicking workout.  AJ loves to run, something which I don't share a love for - it's my least favourite thing to do as a workout but even I fancy sticking on my running shoes when I see her posts and her motivational captions. She's run the marathon, a triathlon and even taken part in a Spartan Race in Madrid and all whilst staying so upbeat and positive about whatever it is she might be doing.  Her snapchats will also brighten your day too so make sure to add her on there (her username is AJ.Odudu).

Instagram / Website



If you're into your fitness and you don't know who Carly is then you may have been living under a rock for the past few years.  When it comes to workout videos and eating all the right stuff for your body, Carly is pretty much fitness royalty.  As well as that she is a total babe and someone who I really look to when I'm stuck for a new workout or something a little out of my comfort zone.  She does regular CrossFit classes and her videos on YouTube rack up thousands of views from those who trust what she says and does - something which is so important nowadays, she's basically your internet personal trainer. She also has the cutest dog who makes a rare appearance (even if you're not into fitness it's totally worth following her to see his cutie face!)

Instagram / YouTube





Hannah is a girl after my own heart.  She loves fashion, music, make up, good food and also being active.  She's the sort of girl I'd feel I would hit it off with if we ever met if her Instagram page is anything to go by.  She is also the creator of HBFIT, which although you may think stands for Hannah Bronfman Fit, it actually means Health, Beauty, Fitness and is a website for exactly that.  I can't recommend having a scroll through Hannah's page enough as I'm sure you will relate to one of her many interests!

Instagram / Website 


There are so many more girls I love on Instagram but wanted to share these 5 girls with you because I know you will love them as much as I do! I would love to know who you follow or turn to for some fitness inspiration so comment below letting me know who I should check out! 

The Power of Lipstick – Givenchy Rouge Interdit

If you read my blog and follow me on social media then you will know that I am a fan of wearing a red lip.  It isn’t something I do regularly, for me, a red lip is something that is saved for a special occasion or to express a certain feeling you may have such as love or desire.  It is a statement that a woman can utilise to make her mark on an event or occasion so that she will be remembered by this one simple yet bold thing such as red lipstick.  A brand who understand the importance of making a statement this strong is Givenchy who have just unveiled their Rouge Interdit lip collection comprising of 24 shades ranging from subtle nude colours to the boldest reds and purples you can imagine.  This new collection made up of high impact colour is the perfect addition to Givenchy’s already exquisite collection of beauty products and is a must have in the make up bag of any lipstick lover - pretty much every female I know!  After receiving the collection I selected a few of my favourites which I have described in further detail below.


Secret Nude 01:  My go-to shade on most days is a nude coloured lipstick and this one provides a gorgeous subtle pinky nude colour to the lips whilst the moisturising ingredient of black rose oil almost allows it to double up as a lip balm.  This lip colour will be a perfect daytime colour as it is so natural whilst still obvious enough to be noticed.

Purple Fiction 07: If you like wearing bold lip colours then this one is for you.  This deep purple shade is the lipstick you reach for when you’re wearing a minimalistic outfit and still want to make a statement.  I love how unique a purple lip can make you not only look but also feel as you are sure to draw attention.  I would wear this in a make up look where I am wearing just liquid liner and no eye shadow as to not distract too much from the lips.

Orange Underground 11: In all honesty I have never opted for an orange toned lip colour, however the terracotta tones of this lipstick have made me change my idea of what an orange lipstick looks like.  It has earthy tones and is more red/brown/orange than tangerine orange which is what always springs to my mind when thinking of ‘orange lipstick’.  Autumn may be gone for a while but this is going to stay in my make up bag and could be a great choice of lip colour for a summer festival.  It is an intriguing lipstick without being too bold if you’re looking for something to wear all day long.

Rouge Interdit 13:  It was only right that I spoke about the colour that kicked off this entire collaboration with Givenchy.  One simple coat of this lipstick (and 30,000 Instagram likes later!) I am writing exactly what this lip colour does for me and basically giving you my secret to the perfect red lip.  So take this information and treat it like it’s your child - it’s so precious!  I have experimented with several shades of red but trust me there is never just one shade of red to suit all (hence why there are several in the Rouge Interdit collection!).  For me, this shade is everything I have always looked for in a red lipstick.  It is dynamic but not too forceful in any way.  Powerful but not intimidating and friendly but not too familiar - a woman who wants to have a good time but also knows herself and wants to radiate confidence without having to prove anything to anyone.  I feel all of these things when wearing this lipstick - as well as it feeling amazing on my lips and not dry at all (double win!)

Addicted to Rose 18: This pretty dusty pink is perfect for those ultimate girly days. It could be lunch with friends or even a date with  special someone but to me it expresses femininity and elegance.  It is highly pigmented and wears slightly brighter than what it appears but I can’t wait to wear this in Spring when my wardrobe choices consist of lighter fabrics and the days seem so much more care free!  Everything is just better when the sun is shining and that is exactly when I will be wearing this lipstick!

Although my list of ‘needs’ within a lipstick aren’t too extreme there are definitely certain factors that I think myself along with most of us look for when looking to buy a new lip colour.  Firstly, does it suit my skin?  In this post I am wearing shade number 13 - Rouge Interdit.  However, as mentioned previously,  this isn’t the only shade of red in the collection.  The variety between orangey red to true bold red shows that Givenchy really do take into consideration various skin tones and preferences, something which I feel applies to their entire make up collection, (some of which I am also wearing in this post).  Secondly, ease of application.  I think I speak for all of us when I say that I have had far too many experiences of trying to apply a lipstick that is clearly so dry I have to use extreme force just to apply it or alternatively, something with barely any pigment that I am constantly re applying as it lasts all of 5 minutes.  Both of which are not applicable to the Rouge Interdit collection.  It is all due to the chemistry behind the lipstick which involves black rose oil amongst it’s ingredients. 

Not surprisingly, black rose oil is a really rare ingredient, so rare in fact that only Givenchy have used it in their lip make up products and provides the ultimate moisturising agent.  It also claims to stimulate lipid synthesis to help lips stay hydrated and remain comfortable whilst wearing the lipstick.  So when people say ‘as soft as a petal’ you can basically experience it for yourself with the oils in these lip sticks. Finally, when I am looking to purchase a new lipstick I want to know that it looks the part.  Yes it is ultimately what is inside that counts (that saying applies to lipstick and people alike!) but the outer packaging is just as important, lipstick is something that other ladies will see in the bathroom of the restaurant, or will perhaps take pride of place on your dressing table so it’s design is so important.  The sleek black packaging of the Rouge Interdit collection is genuinely like no other I have seen before.  It is understated in black lacquer yet has such intricate ribbon detailing which catches the eye and really resonates with the ‘Givenchy woman’ elegant yet sensual.

The entire Givenchy Rouge Interdit collection is available now in selected stockists.

GIVEAWAY!  You could be in with the chance of winning a beauty hamper worth £300 and it is so easy to enter!  All you have to do is take your own #IWasHere photo, you can do this by using your lip marks, or by taking a photo in front of one of the graffiti #IWasHere, which will be found in London, Manchester and Birmingham, and upload it to Instagram or Facebook, tagging me and using the hashtags #RougeInterdit and #IWasHere_TheGame.  The competition is open from 9-16th February 2017, after which I will select one winner at random.  You MUST be over18 to enter and you MUST live in the UK.  Full Terms and Conditions below.  Look out for a tutorial on this make up look coming to my YouTube channel this Sunday at 6pm and make sure you’ve subscribed so you don’t miss it.  

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This post was kindly sponsored by Givenchy.


Terms and Conditions

This promotion is open to all those aged 18 or over resident in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland Promotional Period: The entry period for the Competition commences Thursday 9th February 2017 at 9am GMT to Thursday 16th February 2017 at 23.59pm.  The Participant is allowed only one posting per person, and there will be a total of 4 winners.  No purchase necessary; however internet access and a valid Instagram account are required.

To Enter:

To participate, the Participant must enter the Competition via their own valid Instagram account.  Participants must take a picture of their lip marks or of the graffiti (graffiti will be available only in London, Manchester and Birmingham) and tag one of the influencers/retailers promoting the competition. The influencer/retailer needs to be tagged in the picture and the two hashtags #RougeInterdit and #IWasHere_TheGame needs to be added to the post.  The four winners will receive each a beauty hamper worth over £300.  Prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and there is no cash alternative

Entries will be deemed invalid if they:

a) contain defamatory, malicious, indecent or other inappropriate content;

b) refer to brands other than those of the Promoter;

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d) include the names, likenesses, photographs, videos or similar of any individual without their express permission

e) represent a danger to health and safety; and

f) include any link to inappropriate drinking.

Each winner will be chosen by the influencer/retailer

Winner notification: The winners will be notified by being tagged in the influencer/retailer post

Winners will be required to respond to confirm eligibility plus acceptance of the prize within 7 days of initial contact. In the event a winner does not respond to communications within the 7 days of initial contact, the Promoter will close this event without providing prize to winner.  Prizes will be delivered within 28 days of prize acceptance and delivery address confirmation.  This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. All Participants are responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by them as a result of participation in the Competition (including without accessing the Internet). Costs to enter the Competition via the Internet may vary so please check with your local service provider for current charges.  The Promoter cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury suffered by any participant entering the competition.  By entering this promotion, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the terms and conditions.