5 Easy Steps to Clearer Skin


Photo by Philipp Lipiarski

I have lost count the number of times I have stared at those beautiful girls on Instagram with their flawless skin and no bags under their eyes literally wondering if those people actually exist (before realising that they probably don’t and a filter has worked just a well for them as it does for me on a daily basis!) But you know what I mean, there are some pretty gorgeous people out there – and I refuse to spend anymore time wishing I could look like them and more time making sure I look like the best version of myself.

If you haven’t ever experienced a ‘bad skin day’ in your life then leave right now, you haven’t experienced the true frustration of trying to make your face look like it’s wearing minimal make up by adding just that, more make up!  Well I decided to take it back to basics and talk about real life ways you can help your skin improve and there’s not a VSCO filter or ‘pimple removing app’ in sight! Before I start I need to say that I feel fortunate enough to have never experienced acne, something which I know many people suffer with and there are several different types of medication to help treat that – as I haven’t had any experience in this area I can’t write about it on my blog which I know a few of you have asked but if you want to find out about some girls that I know regularly discuss their own acne journey then tweet me as I would love to direct you to their pages for you to get the guidance you’re after.

Anyway, back to spots. Dark circles, dry patches and all of the other annoying things our skin gives us when we don’t treat it with the love it deserves. I have 5 pretty simple steps in helping improve the condition of your skin. I should also add that these 5 steps aren’t going to break the bank, in fact, a lot of them are 100% completely free and you can do at home or without travelling far and wide!


 It can be difficult knowing what to use on your skin when every single brand is telling you that their product is the best on the market for one thing or another but this is where it is so important to do your research and maybe even a trial and error to see what works. I’ve mentioned so many times how much I love Clinique products for my skin. I have used them for years now, I have a few favourites that I love including the ‘Take The Day Off’ eye make up remover and the ‘Foaming Face Wash’ which I use with my cleansing brush (which also happens to be from Clinique but you can get from loads of different places). As well as this they are constantly releasing new ranges with some of the best science behind it. I’m not going to get too scientific or technical because we both know that all I will be doing it copying what it says on the back of the box, BUT what I do know is that their new Fresh Pressed range, (yes it’s meant to make you think of orange juice FYI) has more Vitamin C in it than any other product like it on the market. That is one pretty bold statement if you ask me and something that I am ALL FOR! It works in the most magical way too, this little pipette that it comes in has a special seal that once opened they recommend you use continuously for the next 7 days to get maximum results. The containers are only small, for this reason and you can buy them in bumper packs so that you have enough packages to last you for a while if you end up loving it (which you will). Another great thing about it is that you get instant results which I think in todays world is so vital. We want everything now. That dress we ordered 5 minutes ago, we want it 10 minutes ago. Our coffee that we ordered, we want to have it before we enter Starbucks. You get my drift. With Fresh Pressed, Clinique are able to give you instant brightening and ‘zing’ – my word not theirs by the way, which is what we want! Check out some of my other favourites of theirs below and continue reading to discover other ways I keep my skin feeling and looking on top form!

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 Seems obvious right? I’m writing this slightly ashamed too as I certainly don’t drink enough water myself and am moaning to myself on a daily basis that I need to always carry a water bottle and drink 2 litres a day (which if I’m perfectly honest I thin is kinda unrealistic – I have to work too you know?! I can’t spend 90% of my day guzzling down 2 litres of water as I would have no time to do anything else and any free time I did have would be spent taking trips to the bathroom at any opportunity to get rid of the copious amounts my body has taken in!) But, I do try to drink as much as I possibly can and always opt for filtered water, OK I have Evian at any given chance because I prefer it to other brands and YES THEY DO TASTE DIFFERENT! I was recently sent a water bottle from Garner (I’m part of the Garner family now if you didn’t know or see the million pics I put on Instagram about it!) It is a clear flask with lines on the side evenly spaced and next to each line there is a different time, on one side of the bottle it starts at 9am and every few centimetres a new line with the next hour is written until you get to the bottom of the bottle and have only got to about 2pm so you spin the bottle around and the lines and number are repeated on the other side with times 3pm onwards working all the way down to 8pm. The aim of this is to drink the entire contents of the bottle by 2pm and then refill it and do it all again by 8pm and if you get to the end of the previous hour without having finished that segment then it’s guzzle guzzle time for you to make sure you stay on track. I personally love this idea and it massively helps me get the right amount of water that I need. Of course you don’t need a fancy bottle for this (although it is super cool so I’d recommend it!) You could easily use a sharpie pen to draw lines and write the times on a regular water bottle. Give it a go, you’ll no doubt surprise yourself at how competitive you are when it comes to drinking water within a time frame and your skin will love you for it!


 Yes I know the animal fries from In’N’Out are ‘soooo good’ but your skin hates them. With a passion. For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I love to eat junk food every now and then and allow myself cheat days. I am by no means a ‘clean eater’ – is that even a realistic goal anyway? However I do know that my skin reacts to the food I put into my body. I have never had any major weight gain (which is probably also down to the fact that I exercise, which I will be getting to in my next point.) But food effects my body in a different way, if I have too much sugar my skin breaks out in spots, too much fat in foods and my skin looks tired and dull and too any carbs (pasta’s a bitch for this!) and I get a puffy face. So I know what to avoid if I don’t want those things, obviously sometimes I will be craving carbs and they’re not actually as bad for you as the sugary stuff but I wouldn’t have carbs the day before a photoshoot as I want my face at it’s best and to not look like a puffer fish. Diet and skin are really closely related and if you find that you struggle with breakouts and aren’t sure why then I would advise you to make a food diary and see if what you’re eating is making a difference to how your skin is reacting.

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 I told you it was coming so this point should’t be a huge shock for you. Exercise releases endorphins aka ‘happy hormones’. And when we’re happy our skin is happy. When we sweat we are getting rid of all of the bad toxins in our body that we don’t need or want so the more you sweat it out, the less that is inside your body and potentially clogging your skin. I know that some of you don’t like to go make up free in the gym and that is totally fine but make sure you’re using the right make up products on your face when you exercise – another reason why I love Clinique – for their kind ingredients and lightweight products that give coverage with a super light feeling. Also we’re not just keeping our skin happy through exercise, we’re keeping our heart in great shape – which is undoubtedly a little more important than keeping our skin healthy! It also keeps our body in shape so over all we feel pretty damn good! If having a healthy heart, clear skin and great booty isn’t motivation enough for you to workout then I literally have nothing else for ya!


OK so cheese-tactic Danielle over here but it’s true. And although it may seem easier said than done we just need to make time for things that makes us happy like spending time with friends or family. Taking an hour out of our day to read a book or our favourite blog (hey there!) or watch YouTube videos but only those that make us feel good and positive. I have always had a thing for quotes. Those of you who are the OG’s of my social media days will remember my ‘Quote of the Day’ that I used to post all the time. I still have a folder of quotes on my phone and every so often I post one on Instagram or Twitter but I look trough them regularly as they instil positive vibes in me. It’s also really interesting to see how they’ve changed over the years from when I’ve been sad and saved negative quotes to more recently when they’ve all been super uplifting and help me believe that I can literally conquer the world. Whatever it is that will make you happy, do more of it. Unless it involves going against any of the above 4 points in which case you won’t be happy because you’ll be doing something to piss of your skin! Anyway, if you’re happy within yourself and as stress free as possible it will show in your skin and be clearer with that extra ‘glow’.

Photo by Philipp Lipiarski

I would love to know if you have any other tips or tricks,things that you have found help you when you have breakouts. Leave a comment below and don’t forget to tweet me any other blog post ideas!