New In Beauty Must Haves

One of the highlights of doing what I do is getting to try out the brand new beauty products that get sent to me regularly by some of my favourite brands.  I feel like recently there have been so many beauty deliveries that rather than write a post on each of the different brands I would do a big post with all of them in so that you can compare them for yourself and decide whether you want to head out and buy any of them (or all of them which you probably will want to after seeing what I've got to show you!)  I always love to read your comments and find out what you're loving at the moment so get interactive an comment below letting me know your thoughts and which of the bits you're thinking of buying.

Estée Lauder

Just when you think that Estée Lauder have released their best product ever, they go and out do them selves with another winner.  This time it's an addition to the 'Double Wear' family.  The go to foundation by make up artists world wide, Double Wear is a foundation with coverage so good that you could've been partying with the Rolling Stones for 4 days straight and had no sleep and it will make you look as fresh as a daisy with not a blemish or bag in site!  To add to this wonderful collection, Estée Lauder have released their Double Wear make up remover wipes for when you're ready to remove that make up mask and return to being the most honest version of your self a la fresh face.  With life getting more and more hectic, we don't always have time for our full routine to remove make up and do the 12 steps that can sometimes follow, this is where these wipes come in handy, or if you've been sweating it out in your favourite workout class and need a quick refresh. These wipes will remove waterproof mascara and also have a conditioning formula which hydrates the skin whilst still leaving it fresh and clean. The packaging looks so fancy too, double win for your Double Wear!

As well as the make up remover wipes, Estée Lauder have also released 3 new primers, for when you're ready to put your make up back on (it's a never ending cycle this make up malarkey!!) The three primers each have their own purpose - one to illuminate, one to smooth and the other to give a matte finish depending on what you require for your specific skin type.  Personally I love the Illuminating Perfecting Primer as I love a glow to my finished make up look, I'm also a fan of The Smoother as I tend to have an uneven skin tone and this blends everything together perfectly before I apply the rest of my make up.

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YSL Beauty

It's always a great day when I spot the gold shiny packaging in a parcel from the post man.  That noticeable YSL box could be recognised anywhere and is always sure to contain something that is going to make me so happy.  This time, t happened to be some new make up goodies all focusing on the eyes.  To start with there is the Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Shock in 3 colours, Asphalt Black, Underground Blue andRough Burgundy. This brand new volumising mascara has a wider brush than usual and is perfectly symmetrical allowing an equal amount of product to stay on the brush resulting in an even application that is more intense and dramatic than before. The new Underground eyeshadow palette includes colours from black to deep purple and a mixture of matte and shimmer tones.  It is the perfect palette for anyone wanting to create a smokey eye and is the perfect thing to be used before applying another of their new products, the Eye Gloss Smudger.  Yes, an eye gloss smudger is exactly what you think.  It can be applied to a bare lid or over eyeshadow to create an eye popping glossy look whilst still providing a non sticky texture.  This look has been all over the catwalk and featured in editorial magazines everywhere; YSL Beauty are now allowing you to create this look for yourself at home.  Finally the Brow Felt Tip is the brand new product to create that full brow look.  It's precision tip allows you to perfectly fill in any gaps in your brows and get the neatest and cleanest shape you want.


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Jo Malone London

Valentines may have passed but the great thing about Jo Malone London is that their scents can be enjoyed all throughout the year.  This year just ahead of the official day of Love, they reintroduced us to their Red Roses collection with notes of Lemon, Velvet Rose and Honeycomb.  Even if you haven't smelt it, you can imagine the scent these 3 notes create and it is anything but disappointing! This collection was actually inspired by seven of the world's most exquisite roses and is available in a variety of colognes, body washes and so much more.  Jo Malone London candles are a favourite of mine and constantly have one burning wherever I am.

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You may or may not be familiar with Guerlain, I have mentioned their uber feminine La Petite Robe Noire collection before and now they have launched their Super-Lash Style mascara.  The packaging much like the lipstick from the same collection is so instagrammable and one for stylish girls who like to treat their faces with the highest of quality products. The mascara itself contains beeswax and a plant based wax designed to thicken and lengthen whilst the wand allows for a complete application from the very root of the lash.  It also has super staying power and can remain untouched for 8 hours after just one single application.  Your eyes wont be the only thing getting attention though as Guerlain have also released a Lip & Cheek tint in one.  Created from a long-lasting gel, when this is applied to the apple of your cheeks and your lips it will perfectly tie your entire make up look together and give a subtle pink colour without drawing too much attention but keeping everyone guessing what you're wearing.  It's silky texture and mild mint ingredient encourages plumping of the lips and cheeks whilst reacting with the skins pH to ensure the pink tone is the perfect shade for you.

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