The Insta-Babes I’m Obsessing Over & Why You Should Too

If you don't know that I'm all about being active then you must be new here.  Being fit and constantly moving are things that I don't only need to maintain the physique I want but also keeps me sane.  Physical activity is proven to help with mental health - something which I feel isn't discussed often enough when talking about being fit and active.  There is always a stigma attached to it that if you do loads of exercise you just want to be 'skinny' which is OH SO WRONG!  The last thing I want to be is skinny; slim yes but also strong.  I want to feel strong both physically and mentally and throughout my active life there have bene a few girls  that I have been really drawn to via social media.  They may not do the same workouts as me or even be aware that I exist but their constant messages of support and motivation to whoever is following them is something that I appreciate so much and want to share with you guys.  Check you my Top 5 active babes below and make sure to start following them too!


I stumbled across Hannah's page FashionableFit about a year ago and was first taken a back her immaculate Instagram theme.  To me, Hannah is #instagramgoals in so many ways as she makes her life look so fun and exciting yet is still showing people exactly what she's about.  She posts regular workouts from either her home country of Sweden or more recently some snapshots of when she ran over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  When she's not working out she's eating (and posting pics of) some of the amazing meals she eats, they always look so good and give me major food envy.  Personally I love how Hannah showcases her love of being active with her interest in fashion and a good time with friends - you won't regret following her, trust me!

Instagram / Website



I first met these girls when I taught my very own masterclass on behalf of Reebok in central London in 2016 and their energy was so infectious!  I taught a part workout part dance class and loved the fact that Steph trained as a professional dancer so was nailing every single move whilst both girls were executing a mean squat in the warm up section of the class.  Their duo name '2 peas in a bod' could not be more suited to these 2 who will finish each others sentences and hold weekly workouts on their Facebook page showcasing what they have been up to in the gym recently.  I always feel so energised when I scroll past a video on their page or even bump into them at an event! Make sure you check them out.

Chessie's Instagram / Steph's Instagram / Facebook




I've known AJ for a few years now and some of you may know her from TV where she is a regular presenter on 4Music.  However, when AJ isn;t interviewing some of the world's biggest celebs (errrrrm Lady Gaga sent her flowers once!) you will find her in a gym or outdoors taking on a butt kicking workout.  AJ loves to run, something which I don't share a love for - it's my least favourite thing to do as a workout but even I fancy sticking on my running shoes when I see her posts and her motivational captions. She's run the marathon, a triathlon and even taken part in a Spartan Race in Madrid and all whilst staying so upbeat and positive about whatever it is she might be doing.  Her snapchats will also brighten your day too so make sure to add her on there (her username is AJ.Odudu).

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If you're into your fitness and you don't know who Carly is then you may have been living under a rock for the past few years.  When it comes to workout videos and eating all the right stuff for your body, Carly is pretty much fitness royalty.  As well as that she is a total babe and someone who I really look to when I'm stuck for a new workout or something a little out of my comfort zone.  She does regular CrossFit classes and her videos on YouTube rack up thousands of views from those who trust what she says and does - something which is so important nowadays, she's basically your internet personal trainer. She also has the cutest dog who makes a rare appearance (even if you're not into fitness it's totally worth following her to see his cutie face!)

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Hannah is a girl after my own heart.  She loves fashion, music, make up, good food and also being active.  She's the sort of girl I'd feel I would hit it off with if we ever met if her Instagram page is anything to go by.  She is also the creator of HBFIT, which although you may think stands for Hannah Bronfman Fit, it actually means Health, Beauty, Fitness and is a website for exactly that.  I can't recommend having a scroll through Hannah's page enough as I'm sure you will relate to one of her many interests!

Instagram / Website 


There are so many more girls I love on Instagram but wanted to share these 5 girls with you because I know you will love them as much as I do! I would love to know who you follow or turn to for some fitness inspiration so comment below letting me know who I should check out!