Off Duty in Zurich – In Collaboration with Dune

At the beginning of December I visited Zurich on a whirlwind trip with Dune.  You may recall I visited their brand new store in April of 2016 and we had such a great time that we wanted to do another trip before the end of the year, and what better time than at Christmas.  Zurich is beautiful all year round but there was something extra magical about it at Christmas time.  If you ever find yourself in Switzerland and more specifically Zurich in November or December make it a priority to visit the Christmas markets.  There are markets on pretty much every corner but each time we reached a new little patch of stalls selling baubles and an abundance of chocolate I was still just as mesmerised as the first time we went to the first market of the trip.  Another favourite activity of mine whilst in Zurich was the cheese fondue we devoured.  I have never had myself down as a huge fan of cheese but this fondue was honestly one of the best I things I had ever eaten, so a trip to Swiss Chuchi needs to be at the top of your places to dine!

Despite the below minus temperatures, my feet weren't only protected but extra super snuggly in some of my favourite styles of what Dune currently have in store and online.  Click the banner below to shop all of my favourite styles including the Roxbury worn in this post and the Sapphire which will be featured on another post soon on the blog. 

This post was kindly sponsored by Dune.