5 Resolutions I Actually Plan On Keeping in 2017

So we're now nearing the end of the first month of the new year and by now most of us would have already failed at least one of the New Years Resolutions we set for ourselves and have given into the fact that 'maybe this resolution wasn't for me and I'll just stick to the other ones.'  It is true to say that sometimes we set the bar so high that it can be almost impossible to deliver in a way that we want to - but it would also be true to say that a lot of the time we don't know how to adapt in order to fit these new goals into our lives whilst still maintaining the life we love and want to continue.  No one wants to say no to a girls night out so that they can stay home and get on top of their laundry because it's a resolution to be more organised at home.  BORE!  I have written 5 things that I plan on practising throughout the year, whether it be domestic or just something personal that I want to do to better myself.


1. Make More Time For Friends

I am a workaholic.  There, I've said it.  My brain is always going and I am always thinking of new ideas or editing photos for that perfect Instagram shot or planning YouTube videos.  However it started to get to the point where I was saying no to social events so that I could stay at home and brainstorm - some may say this means I will succeed whilst everyone else is out wasting time on pointless nights out but what is life if it isn't to make memories with the people you care for most.  My friends are so important to me and it's important to dedicate time to see them whenever possible as ultimately they are a huge part of my happiness and general mental positivity.


2. Write Things Down

I recently started seeing loads of bloggers talk about their bullet journal and to be honest I was completely baffled.  I then saw that Lily Pebbles had filmed a video on the whole bullet journal process and I was instantly converted into wanting one (you can watch her video here).  It is a way of organising and prioritising life chronologically but whilst still having the flexibility and freedom to write ideas and notes down as I wish to.  I have now started to create my own bullet journal and if I manage to keep it up maybe I will film my own video on the process.  I plan on writing so much more this year, not on my phone or laptop but actually physically write things - I find it so therapeutic and think it's such a better way for me to express creativity and also remember things that are important to me.


3. Do One Thing A Day To Smile

That should read as 'do AT LEAST one thing a day to smile but I'm going to start with making sure I do at least one thing first.  It might be visiting a coffee shop I have seen on Instagram that looks dreamy, reaching out to a friend I haven't spoken to for ages or even calling my mum, just because.  We all get so wrapped up in living life via our phones that we forget to actually do things that keep our heart happy and therefore healthy. 


4. Be More Active

This might seem like a strange one coming from me but believe it or not, half way through last year I hadn't done any proper exercise for weeks if not at least a month or so.  Crazy right, especially coming from the girl who in December released her own Body Plan.  However, all of these projects etc take planning outside of the studio and didn't involve hours working up a sweat in the way that my body likes to.  As a result of this I found my mental health was affected, yes that's right, exercise is one of the biggest factors in combatting mental health.  So next time you're feeling anxious or just a bit rubbish, get out in the fresh air, even if it's for a walk or get down to your local studio and sweat your worries away.  I now prioritise doing at least 1 class at a studio per week and exercising from home a good few times at week. (If any of you want to opt for the working out at home thing then you may be interested in this like right here.)


5. Give No F*cks

Yep. This. We, as a society spend so much time comparing ourselves or worrying about what so and so thinks and whether we are cool enough or liked enough or pretty enough and quite frankly I'm tired of that.  It's bloody exhausting and also so irrelevant.  Don't get me wrong it is important to represent yourself in a positive way but it's more important to live your life by your own rules rather than caring so much about what other people think of you, because ultimately, why are we even trying to impress those people who we either don't know or won't know in a few years time.  Anyone who is a genuine friend won't care if you own the latest Kylie lipkit or not, they will actually like you for the person you are.  Shock horror.  This year I am going to spend less time worrying about how others may perceive me and more time being the human I want to be!  Go me!


I would love to know what you think of this post and whether you have your own list of resolutions that you are going to try and stick to, don't forget to write them down (because I have already explained how much I love that!) and refer back to them later on in the year to see how you're getting on.  As always, thank you for the love you show me and let's all have a brilliant 2017.



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