A Week In Paradise – Conrad Maldives

With everything that I love at this time of year, there is definitely one thing that I have never favoured about winter and that is the below freezing temperatures that I have to endure whilst out and about in London, all whilst trying to look as stylish and ‘unaffected’ as possible when inside my head I’m screaming for anything warm, a drink, a fire, a hot water bottle. Literally anything.  So….when I was recently invited to escape the winter chill for sunnier climates in the form of the Maldives, yes that’s right, the MALDIVES, it’s safe to say it didn’t take much persuading.

We all have an image of what we think the Maldives is like before we get there, pristine white sand, the bluest of blue ocean and an overwhelming sense of calm and contentment.  Well, it is all of that.  And more.  We stayed at the Conrad Maldives for 6 days and if I could’ve stayed longer I would probably still be there now. (sorry mum!)

The Conrad Maldives is located on Rangali Island which is a 30 minute flight from Male by sea plane - and yes the thought of getting on a sea plane was terrifying but once you’re up in the air gliding over all of the tiny atolls you forget about any fears because you’ll be so mesmerised by the world and how it’s so far from anything that you would have seen or been used to before.  That was certainly the case for me.  When we finally made our arrival on Rangali Island staff were there waiting to escort us to our rooms.  On this trip we spent 2 nights in the Beach Villas followed by 3 nights in the Water Villas.  Both are amazing for different reasons - the outdoor bath tub and shower as part of the newly refurbished Beach Villas is designed to ensure complete privacy and discretion, plus the fact that I could step out of the back of my room and be on the beach (yes that beach I mentioned earlier, white sand, clear water beach) was something that I got excited by every time I opened my blinds in the morning. 

However the Water Villas are what I think most people think of when they think about the Maldives.  Those little huts with the wicker roofs on stilts in the water are even more delightful to look at when you know that you’re going to be calling one of them your home for 3 nights, and although they are all lined up side by side, the privacy I felt when I was in them was more than I could’ve expected. The current price of staying in a Standard Beach Villa is £724 per night and the rate to stay in a Water Villa is currently £1083 per night.


I must admit that before I visited the Maldives I was under the impression that the Maldives is the place you choose if you wish to be as lazy as humanly possible and do as little as possible for the duration of your stay.  Whilst that is totally possible, I was so shocked at the amount of activities available for guests of the Conrad such as snorkelling, diving (if you’re appropriately qualified), boat trips to sea to watch the dolphins at sunset as well as sunrise or sunset yoga and as many spa treatments as you could possibly want.  I was fortunate enough to try all of these activities, except for diving as I’m not qualified and came home with moms amazing memories of experiences that I never imagined I would’ve gained from visiting the Maldives.

During my stay I received a 90 minute spa treatment in my own private room overlooking the Indian ocean, to learn more about the Spa and the treatments they have to offer click here.  I took part in sunset yoga with the most breathtaking views, more of which you can find out by clicking here.  I also experienced some of the best cocktails I have ever tasted before dinner at one of the 12 options of places to dine, including the World’s first underwater restaurant located 5 meters below sea level with 180 degree views.  It really is as breathtaking as it seems - for more information click here on all of the culinary options.  If you read my blog post from when I stayed at the Conrad Algarve earlier in 2016 then you will be familiar with the 1/3/5 Stay Inspired Initiative which the Conrad Maldives also provide at their resort. 


I think that the photos from my trip speak for themselves however if you wish to see the Conrad Maldives in more depth then I filmed a blog of my time there which is available for you to watch on my YouTube channel or below.  Huge thank you to the Conrad Maldives for such an amazing trip, I will be sure to be back at some point hopefully in the near future.