Living Life & Feeling Fit – Start 2017 In The Right Way

I have always been active, since the age of 2 I have been regularly dancing - so much so that from the age of 18 it became my full time career and I was dancing or being active most days.  In the last year or two my career focuses and general life situations have changed and adapted my lifestyle and the amount of time I could dedicate to dance and being active.  This is something that has taken some adjusting to and every so often I have to remind myself what I want to focus on and still do thing that I enjoy but I have found ways to handle life and my career alongside the things I love to do.


'You don't have to be a gym addict or fitness junkie to want to improve yourself and be more active'

At the beginning of December I announced my 12 Week Body Plan that I have created in conjunction with We Heart Living, something which I had been working on for most of this year and had created alongside industry professionals to show you some of my favourite exercises and meals and how you can incorporate them into your every day life without massively adjusting your normal routines.  I have been so overwhelmed by the support I've had since announcing the Body Plan and really hope that people benefit from it, especially as January is a great time to kick start new positive habits like upping your exercise and adapting your diet all whilst keeping your life that you enjoy.  This was one of the main reasons behind wanting to create this Plan.  I have seen so many amazing people come up with Plans and things similar to help with fitness and wellbeing but I noticed that a lot of them are personal trainers and already spend 4 to 5 days in the gym and most of the social media feeds are dedicated to fitness or being active in some way.  I have sometimes felt that if I can't spend every single day in a gym or constantly cook new super healthy recipes in the kitchen then I'm not doing the whole 'fitness & wellbeing' thing justice but whilst creating the Body plan I realised that this is exactly the stigma I want to crush. 

You don't have to be a gym addict or fitness junkie to want to improve yourself and be more active.  I love fashion and beauty too, my Instagram and YouTube is a mix of fitness, fashion, beauty and travel and I will continue to be interested in more than one thing as I think that in todays day and age that is so common in people.  Do you have more than one passion?  Granted there may be one particular thing that you really love, whether it be writing, or designing, cooking, sewing, playing sport, whatever it is.  But I bet that you are also interested in other things that aren't in the same field or category as your main passion.  That is what my life is made up of - fitness and being active and moving my body is my main love but I also love to bag a great deal on ASOS or stock up on beauty products that I've seen my favourite Beauty YouTubers use.


...the common misconception of only being allowed to be interested in one thing needs to be rid of...

I think that the common misconception of only being allowed to be interested in one thing needs to be rid of and we should celebrate loving several things and finding a way to fit them all into our lives, we can be modern day superwomen and supermen, people that can not only do it all, but also have it all if we put our minds to it.

This post has been written off the back of feedback that I received whilst promoting my Plan, that I'm not into fitness enough to be able to promote it and that other people have fitness and wellbeing all over their pages and show that it's the only thing they do...but for me personally I don't think that is a good representation of what life is nowadays.  We can have more than one interest and aspire to do several things and that is OK.  So if any of you reading this have a thought in the back of your mind that you want to improve your physique or fitness levels but then allow thoughts of 'I can't do that and live the rest of my life though' overshadow it - let this blog post reassure you that you can do it all and you will still get results as long as any time you do dedicate to it you are 100% in it.

I recently taught a few of my favourite exercises in a class to some fitness influencers and press and I filmed it for my YouTube channel - to get a better idea of the sort of things I do to work out and how I keep it fun watch the video below.

I hope this post is helpful to any of you thinking about making positive changes to yourselves in 2017 and if my Body Plan is the catalyst in helping you achieve your goals then I have succeeded in what I set out to do when I started creating it.  For a free trial of my body plan click here and to pre order the entire 12 week plan click the link below.

...we can be modern day superwomen and supermen...