Technology Talk with Xperia XA

I live with my phone in my hand.  Honestly, I have fallen asleep with my phone in my hand before, I’m not proud but some could say I’m addicted to constantly having that connection with the world in my little gadget of infinite wisdom called my phone.  For me in particular my phone plays a huge part in my job,  which is to be active and involved in social media and constantly on the ball with whats going on in terms of trends and events.  It is the pens and pencils of my office, if I don’t have my phone or my laptop then I literally can’t do my job, which is obviously a problem because then I can’t earn any money and more importantly can’t eat food which is a number 1 priority of mine!

So I’m sure you imagine just what happens in my life when my phone is running on red or even worse, completely dead and out of battery.  It actually makes me nervous to think about it.  So when I was approached by Xperia XA to see if I wanted to try out their new smartphone with ‘loads of battery life’ I was slightly sceptical.  Surely no phone can keep up with the amount that I use my phone, constantly switching between apps, taking hundreds of photos (OK selfies but don’t pretend like you’ve never taken a selfie!) and the constant stream of music that I listen to whilst I’m working out, can it?  I was about to find out and majorly be put in my place.

First I need to give you a bit of background to this phone, which you may have seen in this Instagram post recently.  The Xperia XA comes in 4 colours (and they’re not just all different versions of black….I need say no more.) Your choices are White, Graphite Black, Lime Gold and Rose Gold - I obviously opted to try out the Rose Gold and literally the whole thing is that colour.  The back and front panels and the hue of the screen is a gorgeous shimmery rose gold tone that compliments all of the marble tables I take my shots on perfectly!

It has 2 cameras, which can be activated by a dedicated launch camera button so you can make sure you capture that must remember moment in the quickest of flashes rather than having to swipe left, right, up and down and then entering a 26 digit passcode or unicorn tears to finally access the camera! As well as an easy action camera, it has something called Hybrid Autofocus (I had no idea what it was but apparently it enables you to freeze action in less than a second. Fancy.

But for the most exciting bit and my big finale in showcasing this phone off to it’s maximum potential…. It can bring you up to two days of battery power from one single charge. Yes that’s right. TWO DAYS OF BATTERY FROM ONE CHARGE! If you’re not impressed by that then I literally don’t know what sort of person you are but I fear you will be forever disappointed in life is something as ground breaking as that can’t excite you.

For me this means I can do all of the things I need to do like post on social media, take photos (OK selfies!) and listen to music whilst I work out and still have time to browse and chat to my friends for hours all without worrying where the nearest power outlet is and having to keep my battery from red.  On top of that though, the genius’ at Xperia XA and Quick Charger UCH12 have introduced MediaTek Pump Express - a revolutionary feature that allows you to plug your phone in for 10 minutes and gain over FIVE HOURS of battery life.  Like, are you reading what I’m saying?! This isn’t just a phone. this is the Superman of phones, I don’t think you could make it run out of battery even if you tried because there is a solution for something one way or another!

Oh, and one final thing - not that they needed to add anything else because quite frankly everything is already bloody amazing, you can add 200GB of extra storage on your phone by simply inserting a microSD card into it.  Cue the Xperia XA team giving the biggest of all mic drops after releasing all of this information to the world.  BOOM.


If you want to hear/see more about how battery life in particular has majorly affected my work life then head over to to watch a short video of my struggle before I discovered the Xperia XA, plus you could WIN one of these gemstones of a phone by simply sharing your own battery life story.  I’m pretty certain you will have that time you had to sit on the floor in a restaurant to be near a plug socket because your phone was dying.  Tell your story and you could win one of the Xperia XA phones (trust me you want one, even if you think you don’t. You do.)  All entries must be in by the end of October - T’s&C’s apply.  For all information click here.

This post was in partnership with Xperia XA and MediaTek.

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