A Closer Look: Givenchy Beauty

If you saw this Instagram post then you will know that I recently shot some of the new Givenchy Beauty products and have been trying them out to let you know my thoughts.  I already own several Givenchy fragrances, the Ylang one from the GivenchyxGreenBar collaboration being my favourite of theirs, but I have since tested out 213 Rose Audacieux lip colour. I'm obsessed.  It's pretty much my new make up favourite, with the perfect mix of copper, pink and a muted red tone that doesn't apply too heavily on your lips giving you the control to layer it as much (or as little) as you wish AND it feels divine on the lips too!  As you will be able to see, the packaging is nothing less than super chic.  Whilst shooting some of these images in Hotel Cafe Royal, a knock at the door presented us with a woman from the Givenchy offices carrying one of their carrier bags, I say carrying but it was more of a clasp as I had been given permission to photograph a limited edition bottle of Amber Tigre.  You may currently have no idea what I’m talking about but once I tell you that this limited edition fragrance is exclusively sold in Harrods with a price tag of £1500 I’m pretty certain you will want to know exactly what makes this bottle so special and utterly breathtaking.

The inspiration behind this bottle is focused on Couture and the Givenchy House’s prominent position in the world of ‘High Perfumery’ and is made up of the most luxurious materials that you would expect.  In this particular fragrance they have been combined in a way that mixes bold scents in the smoothest and most mysterious of ways.  This is what puts Amber Tigre head and shoulders above the rest (and contributes to it’s price tag).  As you can see the bottle itself is truly unique in design, this is thanks to French artist, Anna Borowski and her inspiration from nature and the animal kingdom.  The browns, golds and copper colours perfectly emulate this and she describes it perfectly by saying “Through the tiger and the amber stone I wanted to represent something hybrid and magical, like a talisman”

This limited edition bottle is for sale at Harrods, to shop the entire Givenchy Beauty & Fragrance range click here.


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Massive thank you the Hotel Cafe Royal for allowing us to shoot in one of their gorgeous suites.  Visit their website here.

All photography by Rebecca Botin