Pep, Prep & More – From Clinique

In today's day and age everything is instant.  Coffee, the 'gram aka Instagram, that same day delivery you managed to get on the shoes that you just HAD TO HAVE, and just life in general really.  Things that we used to take time on now become a swift process in the day like our morning and evening routines.  Don't get me wrong I love pampering myself if I get the opportunity and applying a lovely face mask or eye patches in the morning to disguise my puffy bags from a late night before but in reality, most days I'm up (usually late too), get ready in the quickest time, grab breakfast and leave my home.  Nothing helps me out more with these simple tasks than my one of my favourite brands recognising that people are having less and less time to spend on vital things and creating a range that will do everything we need in in just a few products rather than having to trawl through 12 facial products in order to look slightly human!  

Introducing Pep Start by Clinique.

The Pep Start range, that I can only describe as not only highly necessary but also one of the most fun ranges I've seen from Clinique consists of a face wash, cleansing facial wipes, 2 different moisturisers and an eye brightening cream.

I have been using the face wash and day cream for about 2 weeks and have discovered what I like about each product.  The face wash, although it can sometimes leave my sink looking a little messy as the orange gel can stick to the basin, the tiny beads in it really wake my skin up in the morning and gently exfoliate it which means that when I use the moisturiser on it my sin takes it in much more easily and it absorbs into the skin so much better than before when I was using a face wash without any micro beads in.  The moisturiser I have been using is specifically aimed at hydrating skin and protecting it from UV rays with SPF20 in it.  I have applied it before leaving to go to the gym and feel confident as it leaves my skin with a really nice sheen but not looking oily - that's definitely not a look I want from my moisturiser! I am finding the facial wipes perfect to refresh my skin after a workout or if I've had no make up all day and I feel as though my skin just needs a but of a pick me up, they don't sting like some wipes can do and don't dry out my face which is great as I don't feel the need to re moisturise after using one.



I first started using Clinique as a teenager when I spotted my sister using their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream before school and I obviously wanted to copy her (as that's what any younger sister does!)  So I asked my mum if I could have some and when we next went shopping she bought me the same moisturiser as well as a lotion for herself.  I must've been about 14 at the time and although I have switched my moisturiser up since, part of the job requirement in being an influencer and trying out new products - my mum however has continued to religiously buy the Clarifying Lotion 2 ever since. And her skin looks ever so clarified might I add!

I've made no secret of my love for their Take The Day Off eye make up remover in the past, including it in several of my YouTube videos and between myself, my mum and my sister, we have a plethora of Clinique products in our bathroom cabinets that are used on a daily basis.  The thing I find most fascinating about Clinique is that they have stayed so true to their word and have all of their products allergy tested and maintain that they are 100% fragrance free.  Something which not many cosmetics companies do as they sometimes need this nicer scents to block out any chemical type smells that may be in their products.  The white lab coat worn by Clinique beauticians is now a world famous trend that was started in 1968, and you will spot this iconic look in department stores or in any of their stand alone shops.

Something that people perhaps aren’t aware of is that Clinique also produce great quality make up.  I’m a huge fan of their infamous Chubby Sticks and I know several people that use their foundation due to its lightweight texture and even coverage, plus it’s simple to be used as either a concealer or a foundation as it blends so easily.  One of their newest make up innovations is the Superbalanced foundation, with it’s oil free SPF15 formula.  It will fight any pigmentation issues you might suffer from and comes in literally a million different shades - YAY to a make up brand recognising that there are more than just 8 skin tones amongst us!  One of their make up products that I'm super excited about is the Lash Power mascara which you can actually choose yourself depending on how fluttery you want your lashes.  Turn the barrel to change the brush between having flirty to 'full-on phenomenal' lashes.  I tend to get one thing or the other form mascara, either full on volume or a barely there minimal look so it's great to be able to get a number of looks from just one product!  Let me know what products have taken your liking and definitely check out the Clinique counter next time you pass one!  Alternatively you can shop their full range including the Pep Start range by clicking here.

Also, for a limited time you can receive a free trio of skincare goodies when you spend £40 or more plus they offer free delivery!  Scroll the banner at the bottom of the post to shop the products mentioned directly from this page.

Shot on the Olympus PEN EPL8