A Not So Secret Love Affair with Boux Avenue

If you have been following my social media or caught up with the videos on my YouTube channel then you will know over the last few weeks I have teamed up with Boux Avenue to show you their stunning collection of lingerie and nightwear that is available online and in stores.  Whilst the photos on Instagram and the videos where I describe the pieces are a great indication for you to see the pretty items, I have so much more to say about them and Boux as a brand overall so my blog seemed the perfect place to share with you.  Continue reading to discover why I love Boux so much and I’m almost certain you will fall in love with it too.

My love affair with Boux Avenue started when I first went to buy some bras and pretty lingerie sets for myself.  From the moment I walked in the store I fell in love with the decor, the scent that is so unique to their stores, a fresh but comforting White Chiffon smell, the displays and the gorgeous fitting rooms (I advise you to go in for those reasons alone and thats before even taking into consideration the gorgeous pieces they have on sale!) The extra care they put into the details around the store is impossible to go unnoticed by the customers.

I recently chose a selection of items from the nightwear and lingerie collections and shot some images in Hotel Cafe Royal, one of the most iconic hotels in London situated 30 seconds from the famous Piccadilly Circus light display.  I thought this location would be perfect and fitted with the images I wanted to create perfectly.  Below are my favourite images from my shoot and a description of each of the items.Links to shop these items are at the bottom of the page.

The first two nightwear items I am going to introduce you too are these pretty satin camisole and short sets in both a floral design and a gorgeous blue colour.  The soft satin material feels amazing on your skin, which is crucial for nightwear - and the extra accents like the lace detailing under the bust and adds a lovely extra touch.  I used to wear t shirts that passed their public wearability date to bed but since wearing these pieces it’s made such a difference to how I feel in the lead up to bed time for a number of reasons. 1) It definitely helps once I have taken my make up off to feel pretty still by wearing nice pieces like this set. 2) the material makes me more comfortable in bed and probably helping me sleep better. 3) I get more excited than usual to get ready for bed! The bed shirt I also selected from the nightwear section is perfect now we're getting into the colder months of the year. This is perfect for lounging around the house in, I got it 2 sizes up from what I would usually get for clothes because I wanted to have that extra slouchy oversized feel.  I love this type of nightwear for winter and think it will look perfect with some big fluffy socks and a lovely cup of hot chocolate!

The Torah bra above is everything that I require from my lingerie.  Comfortable - tick. Pretty - tick. Reasonably priced - tick. Features cut out detail on the front and back - BONUS TICK!  This was the only way I wanted to photograph this bra to allow you to see both the front and back at the same time.  Extra details like the cut outs just take a bra or any piece of lingerie from being nice to being gorgeous and this is definitely the latter.  The cup areas are a very reasonable size so cover everything that needs to be covered although the nude coloured mesh gives the illusion of it being more risqué than you think keeping it flirty yet still comfortable to wear.

Next is my favourite set from my selection of pieces from Boux, this lace bra and French knicker set. Firstly let’s discuss this colour, such a gorgeous blue and the perfect colour to suit any skin tone.  What I particularly love about this set is that is it so easy to wear, no fuss, no frills (literally) and so comfortable!  I know that this style of bra isn’t suitable for everyone dependant on how much shape or support you want but for me this is perfect.  My style is quite casual and low maintenance so this is the perfect bra to wear under T shirts which I wear most days but can also be styled under a V neck shirt with the blue lace peeping through.  Now as for the French knickers, I have learnt from talking to my friends that the preferred choice of ‘bottoms’ is totally personal preference.  I am usually a knicker/pant/brief girl but chose the French knickers out of pure curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were and easy to wear under jeans without bunching up which has happened in the past wearing other brands.  The fit is great and because they’re made with great quality material they have enough elasticity and give in all of the right places.


Finally, I chose these 2 bodysuits and if I’m totally honest I didn’t know what to expect as it’s not something I would usually wear as lingerie.  Although they are worn as lingerie in these photos I would wear these bodies with skinny jeans or a skirt as part of an outfit with heels and a leather jacket or blazer, I have already worn the Faye Floral Body out and been asked where it’s from which is usually followed by a surprised expression when I say that it is in fact a lingerie item that I am wearing as outerwear.  The Faye Floral has panelled sections with tropical colours on whilst the rest is mesh to keep it looking and feeling sexy whilst you wear it, the other body is the black Guipure Body which matches the Guipure Bra and thong set I recently discussed in my September Favourites video on my YouTube channel.  Watch the full video here.  The bottom half of the Guipure body is black mesh and therefore see through hence why I only chose to shoot the top half of it for this post.  I will be wearing this with jeans and even a crisp white oversized shirt over the top in the lead up to winter with the body showing slightly to make it look a little sexier and keep it feminine.


Leave me a comment letting me know the piece or pieces that you like and don’t forget that you can shop all of the items online with worldwide delivery. This post was kindly sponsored by Boux Avenue and like with all brands I work with I only do so with those that I genuinely like and want to share with you.

Massive thank you the Hotel Cafe Royal for allowing us to shoot in one of their gorgeous suites.  Visit their website here.


All photography by Rebecca Botin