#BICsoleil – The Story Behind the Campaign




This year I was asked to be the face (and legs) of the BIC Soleil range of razors for women.  I'm so grateful for the opportunities I get in my career and when I was asked to be involved and model alongside one of my friends Ashley James it was an offer I couldn't refuse.  The campaign focused around being festival ready, something that I can relate to as I love going to festivals - this year I've ticked 2 more from my bucket list, Coachella in California and Lovebox in London.

As well as getting to work with a great brand and Ashley on this campaign there were so many other things that drew me in and made me so excited about the whole project. One of the underlying messages from the campaign was all about female empowerment and how we should all love ourselves and celebrate individuality whilst being able to relate to each other in the most perfect way, all having to deal with the ups and downs of being female!







"love ourselves and celebrate individuality"



What I love most about this range of BIC Soleil razors, as well as being able to give you the smoothest legs in the land - are the fresh bright colours they come in, I once associated BIC with not only my favourite biro to use to scribble notes at school but also the orange and white razors that my mum used to have when I was younger and I was told never to touch, in fear of managing to accidentally shave off my eyebrow!  This new range which also offers a deliciously smelling shaving foam within it's collection is the perfect beauty item to add to your current beauty faves and be taken wherever you go, including your tent at your favourite festival just like I did as you can see from the pictures accompanying this post.



This post was in collaboration with BIC Soleil as part of their summer campaign.  All products can be found on www.bicbeautyrazors.com and bought from supermarkets nationwide.

Photography - Richard Stow / Make Up - Mikey Phillips / Hair - Maurice Flynn