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If you saw this recent Instagram post then you will know that I, like most girls enjoy treating myself to beauty treatments like getting my hair and nails done.  I had acrylic nails on for a few months which made them look lovely and long but I know the damage it can do to my nails so every so often I take a break and try to treat my nails and repair them as much as I can.  As a result of having acrylic nails, they are left feeling weak and brittle and I have struggled in the past to give them the care I feel they need to repair fully.  In order to keep them feeling strong I painted my nails with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel which is the easy way to give yourself an at home treatment without the need of a UV lamp but offers a great range of colours whilst still helping them stay strong and stop them breaking so much.

Hands are always on show, we use them everyday and are one of the main things people notice about you when they first meet you.  That in particular is very important in my line of work as I am constantly meeting new people and always need to impress if I am pitching an idea or even filming new content, I like everything to look as ‘perfect’ as possible.  I am constantly switching my nail colour although one thing I will always try and so if apply the correct treatment products and use a base coat before applying colour.  I have tried and tested a number of different products but it’s hard to know which ones are worth investing in, unless of course it is a Sally Hansen product which have always been THE nail expert partner.

As well as the Miracle Gel colours, I have also been using other Sally Hansen products which includes the Miracle Cure Strengthening Polish, the Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat and Cuticle Rehab oil which helps treat one of the most important parts of the nail which a lot of people forget to take care of.

Sally Hansen has always been the number 1 in nail care, the brand offers a wide selection of beauty products for a variety of needs however their nail care range is the foundation and backbone of the Sally Hansen brand.  From the original ‘Hard as Nails’ product, there are now more than 23 different nail treatments offering help for every possible nail issue you might have.  Their treatment products are divided in 5 main categories, Base/Top Coats, Strengtheners, Growth Treatments, Cuticle Treatments and all Other products that will aid in the perfect manicure.

I have a specific order in which I use the treatment products. After soaking my nails in warm water to soften the skin around my nails (cuticles) before using some of my nail tools to push back the skin, cut my nails down and file them to my desired shape, I then apply the Cuticle Rehab treatment which is dermatologist tested, helps reduce nail breakage and soothes, softens and restores moisture.  Its easy brush on application means that you can only apply it to specific areas and the ingredients of Jasmine & Rose (my favourite!) and Vitamin E are proven to calm and soothe.

After this I apply the Miracle Cure Strengthener which is more than just a clear nail varnish, it’s designed to fill cracks in nails and help strengthen them with natural proteins and antioxidants giving much needed love to brittle nails. This is great to apply before the Diamond Shine Base Coat (which is what I do) – which has REAL diamond particles, now if that doesn’t make you feel like a nail Goddess then I don’t know what will!

The final steps are to pick a colour, something which can be the trickiest part of my nail process, I have a million different nail colours and the Miracle Gel colours are the perfect consistency and isn’t too thick or too watery so you don’t need loads of layers to get your desired look.  And then I sit back, wait for it to fully dry and am ready to impress with my pretty looking hands that are also super strong and nourished.



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Sally Hansen will continue to be a vital part of my nail care routine, I would definitely recommend you try out some of their products if you suffer from weak nails and let me know what your nail dilemmas are by tweeting me @DaniellePeazer using the hashtag #SallyHansenUK

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