#FestivalReady with L’Oreal

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FESTIVAL SEASON IS HERE! I love pretty much everything about music festivals, the weather (when it’s sunny!) the atmosphere, the fact I can hang out with my friends and obviously the fashion.  I love how you can create some really cool looks with what you wear and push the boundaries.  I’m definitely partial to a flower crown and more jewellery than you can shake a stick at but one thing I like to keep pretty simple and fuss free is my make up.  Aside from maybe wearing red lipstick I will keep my make up look easy and something I know I can really on lasting all day.  L’Oreal Paris know the importance of this so when they created the Miss Hippie mascara they thought about what us girls need to stay looking festival ready from morning until night.  This mascara makes lashes look super feathery and doesn’t clump – something that is quite common when using a larger mascara brush like this one.  I almost feel like it has added extra lashes onto my eye rather than making the lashes I have stick together and giving that ‘spider’ eye look.  I like adding my mascara in layers which is easy to do using this product as it has been created using a special quick dry formula.

The quick dry formula is ideal for those of us that don’t have hours to do make up, especially in the hotter months when I definitely don’t like spending ages getting ready, I’d rather be out in the sunshine, enjoying the music with my friends at a festival – it also comes in a waterproof version too which I think is essential if you’re going to dancing all day in the heat and probably working up a bit of a sweat (the panda eye look isn’t in fashion so is definitely something you want to avoid when you’re out and about!)

Finally the packaging.  One thing L’Oreal Paris win at besides great quality products is amazing packaging.  Each product has it’s own identity and stands out in its own way, the Miss Hippie mascara is no different and the bright orange metallic packaging instantly gives it that fun summer look.  You might have seen my #festivalready look on Instagram, (if not then click here), you have the chance to be part of the hippie squad which is taking over this summer with all of the best festival looks. Post your best festival selfie using the #festivalready to enable me to see your looks and to search the hashtag to get some other great festival make up ideas.  You can also find more festival inspiration by visiting www.loreal-paris.co.uk/festival-make-up-looks


This post was kindly sponsored by L’Oreal Paris.

All photography by Victoria Metaxas (www.aurora-stories.com)

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