Feeling Free on Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

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I have been wanting to publish this story for so long as it is probably one of my favourite ever shoots – taken on the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.  When thinking of shoot locations for my trip to NYC with Victoria, she suggested a shoot on this bridge and my orders were to find something with movement, so when I saw this Wildfox dress from Very Exclusive I knew it would be perfect.  Never one to be too girly, I needed to give it a bit of a tougher look so added this distressed Diesel leather jacket and my black Senso boots.  In 2016 I vowed to myself that the work on my blog would focus around stories and I would take time to think about every aspect of the pieces I put up.  It’s not just about putting together a pretty outfit – so many people only know me by looking at pictures, whether it be on my social media channels or by reading my blog, so I want to allow people to feel as though they have sat down with me and had a coffee and chatted about life when on any of my pages.  If these photos were to be a book they would tell you that I am a hard shell with a soft centre, I over think things and am constantly overwhelmed by this world we live in and all of the glorious things it contains. The story of these photos would also tell you that the day we shot this look it was freezing cold and windy and after a few hours I literally refused to touch the structure of the bridge as the steel poles were so cold my hands were numb!  Despite that, I feel as though the photography in this post is some of Victoria’s best yet and am so glad that we took the time to get these shots.  As always, this look is linked in the banner below including alternatives at different prices.

All photography by Victoria Metaxas (www.aurora-stories.com)

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