My Coachella 2016 Story

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If you aren’t aware that I went to Coachella this year then I’m not sure where you’ve been for the last month as it has been ALL over my social media channels (and I’m not even sorry!) When I was invited to attend the music festival in Palm Springs, well Indio to be exact but Palm Springs is more famously known for hosting Coachella, I didn’t even have to think twice about my answer.  To be asked to go to both weekends to the festival, one with GHD and the other with Claire’s was so exciting for me – especially as I’d heard the vibes of both weekends were very different and have wanted to go for so many years.  The first weekend involved a lot of day parties, including the Revolve parties on Saturday and Sunday which were so fun and included an In’n’Out truck giving away free burgers – definitely my type of party!   By going with GHD for the first weekend we got to have our hair styled by Zoe Irwin everyday, my new hair hero, I asked her several times whether she could come and style my hair everyday back in London!  I had a rough idea of the styles I wanted and loved that she allowed me to be creative whilst helping me achieve it and giving me her expert tips and using all of the new GHD products available including the new Azores styler which could literally create any look I wanted, from sleek and straight to soft waves, to a textured ‘messy’ look which is what I went for on Day 2 with an Alexander McQueen scarf wrapped round my head.

The next weekend was with one of my favourites, Claires.  Although I had to style my hair myself this weekend, I got my pick of any accessory I wanted from sunglasses to temporary tattoos to hats, necklaces and even a new phone case each day.  I have collaborated with Claire’s for a while now and love the products they have so knew that I would be fully decked out for my second weekend at Coachella.

Coachella itself is probably exactly what I expected – it’s got some of the biggest and best names performing over a number of different stages throughout the weekend and the VIP area we were in was decked out with comfy seating areas and a huge range of food and drinks stands (the Sun Goddess cocktail being a favourite of mine!)

To shop some of my Coachella favourites click the images in the banner below – I hope to go back to Coachella again in the next few years for definite!

Thank you to GHD and Claire’s for a great time at Coachella.