Carousel Cool in NYC

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Every time I post an outfit article from my time in NYC I think it’s the best shoot and then I get new shots through from Victoria and I have to rethink my statement.  This casual look shot in Brooklyn by the famous Jane’s Carousel was from my last day in the city (hence the slightly solemn expression) I was sad about having to leave after such a great trip.  I was happy however, about the fact that I had just finished off my half of what was the best pizza I have ever had from Grimaldi’s – a must if you ever find yourself wanting some good food and you’re in the area.  It’s even worth the trip if you’re not in the area too as a matter of fact!  Personally, I think that this laid back look describes my style down to a T – I am feminine with a boyish edge.  The cute little kitty hat by Karl Lagerfeld is my way of celebrating my girly side and remaining young and carefree, whereas the distressed Diesel leather and See by Chloe shirt perfectly suit the tomboy I am within.  I also don’t think that I have ever worn a softer jumper than those by Genevieve Sweeney, her knowledge of how to make good knitwear is unreal and the variety of styles available from cropped like I’m wearing in this post to chunky and comfortable is so great too.  This is the sort of look that I would have as my ‘go to’ outfit if I wasn’t sure what to wear one day or if I wanted to be comfortable for a full day of meetings yet still stylish.  I love the contrast of the darker and muted colours in front of the carousel (which I totally wanted to have a ride on but it was closed to the public in it’s giant glass box!) – it also took me back to my childhood when I would visit the funfair with my grandparents and insist on going on the ‘best looking’ horse on the carousel, I apparently thought that this meant I would have a better time going round and round than the other kids riding with me!  The carousel looked right out on the the water where the massive rocks were placed, I was quite happy leaning against them until Victoria decided that standing on them or balancing between two would make for a ‘really great shot’ – never mind me risking my life!  Anything for a good Instagram or Blog shot!

This look is linked below (except for the jumper which you can see more of here) – if you like a particular item, all you have to do is click on the picture to be taken to the online shop where you can find out more about it, buy it or even discover different items from the site that you also want to make your own, it really is that simple!

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