Up, Up & Away – My Travel Essentials

I travel. A LOT.  Not that I’m complaining – in fact I have said many times that it is probably the favourite part of my ‘job’  Visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures, I am always lusting after a new destination and constantly stalking the travel accounts on Twitter and Instagram for some new places that I have yet to explore.  However, without a doubt the worst part about travelling is the packing.  First of all I try to plan my outfits, then that doesn’t work in case I don’t ‘want to wear that one day’ which results in me adding an extra pair or trousers or 3 extra tops per day ‘just in case’.  Suitcase aside (and ignored until it miraculously expands to allow for the additional 5 pairs of shoes that I just have to take) I am quite the pro at packing hand luggage and ensuring I have everything I need for what is usually quite a lengthy flight.  Most of my trips take me at least 6 hours away from London, long enough for me to need certain comforts when I am 37,000ft in the air.  I have photographed some of my favourite travel essentials seeing as summer is coming up, most of us will be planning trips and I myself have at least 3 flights within the next month or so.

Flying can be a nightmare for skin – hours in an air conditioned vessel with minimal sleep can make my skin feel dry and lifeless so some of the things I carry in my hand luggage are in the photos above.  I try to travel with little or no make up on.  If it is a short flight (less that 2 hours) then I will wear make up as it’s so short that my skin wont be too badly affected.  A flight any longer means I need to go through a strict regime to keep my skin looking as fresh as possible, especially as most of the time when I land at my destination I will have to do a photoshoot or film something that same day or the following day so need my skin looking it’s best.  I use a facial oil like the Estee Lauder one which helps restore the skin to reveal a smoother, younger more radiant look. I add a couple of drops onto my fingers and rub into my face paying attention to my eye area or any dry patches I may have.  I will then leave this for most of the flight and apply moisturiser like the Creme de la Mer one near the end of the flight.  I also carry hand and body moisturisers like the Aesop one (which smells amaaaazing!) and the Kiehls Creme de Corps as my arms and legs can sometimes get dry too.  Finally I carry lip balm with me everyday without fail so travelling is no exception, I love the Maybelline Lip & Cheek balm as it has a hint of colour and I can use it as a little colour for my face before leaving the plane and an easy way of applying easy make up.

I always carry sunglasses with me when I travel, partly because I am hoping it will be sunny enough where I am headed to but also for the early morning journey to the airport when I’m not quite ready to face any eye contact at such early times!  I love sunglasses and have so many different styles that vary in price too.  I have a few designer pairs from Michael Kors, Ray Ban and Victoria Beckham but have a massive obsession with Quay Australia who have some amazing glasses available at Topshop.

Everything is linked at the bottom and let me know any exciting travel destinations I should check out! Happy Travelling xx