Time Out in Times Square

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This shoot in Times Square may look relaxed and easy going (it’s all part of the blogging facade) but in all honesty, it involved a 5.30am alarm on a Sunday morning in order to beat the crowds in what is probably one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world – hence the need for the cappuccino from Starbucks!  We shot these at about 7.30, luckily it was a mild day.  I love this time of year in the City, the bitter cold of Winter has passed and Spring is creeping closer which means day dresses like this are perfect to wear, especially with an oversized leather, to give it a bit of a tougher look.  The knee high boots emphasise the boho feel to this look and the accessories are understated yet essential to the final outfit.  Dresses like this get me excited for festival season which is right round the corner, links to everything in this post and alternative prices are below.

All photography by Victoria Metaxas (www.aurora-stories.com)

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