My New York City Round Up

_M2A0367View from the Highline

_M2A8797 _M2A8829 Iconic Flat Iron building

_M2A8892 _M2A8949 2 _M2A8995

Enjoying some Baked By Melissa cupcakes at the Empire Hotel

_M2A0253 View of Times Square


Yesterday I touched down in London after returning from one of my favourite cities, New York.  I flew out with my good friend Victoria (who also happens to be a pretty awesome photographer if the photos in my blog posts are anything to go by!) We had 3 and a half days to trawl around the city, having both been there before there were some things that we knew we weren’t too fussed about doing as we had done them previously but I got to visit places and see things this time that I have never experienced in the previous 8 (yes EIGHT!) times I have visited.  As well as shooting about 5 different fashion looks that will be on this blog soon (that I am so excited to share them with you guys!) we visited places like the infamous Flat Iron building which is mind boggling to me as to how it is with standing some of the strong winds the city endures – it literally looks like it could topple over in one swoop but then again, this is why I’m not an architect, I would have no idea how to design such an amazing and sturdy building that attracts locals and tourists on a daily basis!

Another place we went to was the Highline – you would’ve definitely seen photos taken from the Highline, even if you don’t know that you have, it undoubtedly gives the best views of the NYC streets and is such a lovely walk to do, even on a colder day (which it was when we walked along it).  After this we went into The Standard for some cocktails, after all we had done a lot of walking that day so deserved a treat and rewarded ourselves with a delicious drink named The Stratosphere.  I’m not sure of the exact ingredients but it was GOOD!  Besides the odd enjoyable drink whilst we were in the city, we obviously had some great food too.  I love the no nonsense style of food that is typical of New York, in fact, one of my favourite places we ate was a small little pizzeria we stumbled upon in Brooklyn named Grimaldi’s – a place which we soon found out was a favourite amongst real New Yorkers, I can totally see why too! The fresh baked pizza with some great toppings made for the perfect pit stop in between our exploring.  I also went back to my ultimate favourite, Baked By Melissa – if you like cupcakes then you MUST find one and buy an assorted box of 25 – you can thank me later!

Below I have listed some of my travel favourites as well as some items that I bought whilst out there.  Click the image to see more – and don’t forget to comment on this post if you are planning a trip to NYC or have any recommendations for things I should do when I next visit.


All photography by Victoria Mexatas (

 Victoria’s Instagram

The main reason for our visit to NYC was to in fact attend the World Premiere of the third and final film in the Divergent Series –Allegiant  I have watched the previous two films, and have been strongly advised to read the books which I will get on to pronto – so I knew that I would enjoy watching this third installment of a trilogy that has captured the world.  I’m obviously not going to spoil anything that happens in the film but I will say that I REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD WATCH IT! Take a look at the trailer below to see what it’s all about!  Shailene Woodley and Theo James work so well together on screen and it was a great experience to be at the premiere with the cast at Lincoln Square.  The premiere took place right across the street from our hotel The Empire Hotel – the hotel that is famous for several exciting things like being a shooting location of some of the Sex And The City scenes and also for being owned by the bad boy rich kid Chuck Bass in the super popular Gossip Girl Series.  The hotel was perfect for our needs and was also a 30 second walk from the Lincoln Center which was so nice to stroll around once rush hour had calmed down.  It’s a tiny piece of serenity within a non stop, fast paced city.

  Let me know if you have seen the new Allegiant movie which is out in cinemas in the UK already and out in the U.S from March 18th.  I would like to say a huge thank you to eOne for inviting us to the premiere and another thanks to New York for always reminding me why I love those streets so much.