City Blues – New York City at the Bowery/Houston Mural

So excited to share one of my favourite ever shoots with you.  This is another from my recent trip to New York City.  The Bowery/Houston Mural is a must see when visiting the city – mainly because the graffiti is constantly being changed and updated.  This day we visited we had no idea what to expect or what sort of artwork would be displayed but these monochrome designs not only compliment my outfit, they also suit my style which I have realised it ‘girly with a hint of tomboy’ (hence the mens oversized leather jacket!) I love this Chloe sweatshirt – I thought it would be so delicate as it is covered in lace but was pleasantly surprised that it is super wearable and I wasn’t scared to rip it or break it every time I moved — always good when wearing clothes, comfort and wearability is EVERYTHING!  I have worn these 70s style jeans a few times and always get compliments on them which is great for a pair of jeans that are less that £20!

The patience needed in getting the right amount of wind to allow the Beulah London scarf to blow in the right way was at it’s highest although some of the outtake shots from this session are hilariously funny and probably worth being published at some point – maybe if I ever write a book all of the ‘half blink’ and ‘scarf mishaps’ can be included in that!  There are some more shoots from NYC coming soon including some EPIC photography by Victoria on Brooklyn Bridge but for now I hope you enjoy this look and as always you can shop the outfit using the banner below.  It’s a new and improved banner with larger images and more choice of items! Yay!

All photography by Victoria Metaxas (

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