The White Company – Lime & Bay Freshness

P1190016new I work from home a lot – I spend most of my time at my flat and have made my bedroom in particular my own little ‘sanctuary’ for when I shut my laptop down and have some ‘me’ time.  So it’s important to me to feel that overwhelming comfort from my flat and bedroom in particular – I do this by adding simple additions such as candles and scents.  If you watched my recent YouTube video on my channel then you would have seen that one of my most recent favourite things was my Seychelles candle from The White Company.  I have 2 Seychelles candles in my apartment at the moment, one in my lounge and another in my bedroom,  however I recently received an enticing email from The White Company introducing their new scent Lime & Bay.  Being a lover of their products anyway I definitely wanted to try this out so got hold of one of the signature candles and diffuser sets.  And that is where this new love affair started…..

Firstly, the packaging – simple yet descriptive.  The attention to detail in the lime coloured strip on the boxes connects the packaging to what’s waiting inside and the lovely big white box that the products arrived in is something I will be holding onto (and storing those ‘can’t throw away’ bits in!)  The scent of Lime & Bay is tropical yet not over powering – I think most of us (especially in London and colder climates) are lusting after warmer temperatures at this time of year and this scent almost transports you to that – unfortunately it cant perform time travel and actually get you to a beach but it does it’s best to make it seem as though you’re there!

As well as lime being one of the main ingredients, it also has pink grapefruit and mandarin in whilst the jasmine buds, ginger and crushed bay leaves give that comforting, soothing element to the scent.  In addition to the signature candle and diffuser which I own, The White Company also do a large candle, home spray and sets of tea lights with the same scent.  I have listed these products as well as some of my other favourite products in a ‘click to shop’ banner at the bottom of this post.

P1190007new  P1190021new