Peace Love & Happiness – My New Collection

Welcome to the new and improved Idle Lane blog!  I have been working on this design for about 6 months and after a lot of discussions and some tough decision making the genius guys over at pipdig have created this awesome new site for me!  I hope you enjoy the new site – take a look around and let me know what you think!

There is something else that is new and also possibly the most exciting thing that has happened to me – ever! You might already know (if you have seen any of my social media channels this week) but I was given the opportunity to create my own fragrance and make up products that go on sale on 6th February called Peace, Love & Happiness!  Yes, that’s right, I was able to design and create my very own collection and I am so excited about it.  I have shown imagery and all the ‘important’ bits on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube but I wanted to write this post to really tell you about the process and let you know the story behind the collection.

Happiness Landscape_3 bottles

The Beginning

I am quite a girly girl, not the type to be dressed head to toe in pink but girly in the sense that I enjoy wearing make up, dressing up and experimenting with my style whilst staying on trend – so when I was approached in September 2014, (yes that’s right, nearly 18 months ago!) to get involved in creating a new range I couldn’t believe it!  Firstly, I couldn’t believe that any company would notice little old me and think that I could create something so huge without knowing anything about me or what my creative preferences are but also something good enough that could be sold to the public which includes all of my amazing followers.  I think that’s when I realised that as much as I am grateful for them noticing me, it’s really down to all of the work of my followers that has allowed me to do this, without all the edits that are made – retweets, likes and comments, I would never have been considered.  So THANK YOU!

So after my first meeting at The Arts Club, I went to Manchester to meet with the people who would make it happen.  The first initial talks were ‘what is going to be created’.  At first it was going to be just perhaps one fragrance and make one make up product of some sort but we didn’t have a name or anything to actually call it.  On the train on the way back I had already started brainstorming and thinking about how I could design something that could be so connected to me without being called ‘Danielle’s fragrance’!  Shortly after I mentioned to the design team that I had an idea based around my tattoo, Peace, Love & Happiness which has been so vital to me since I got it especially in the last few years.  I had the idea that we could release Peace first, followed by Love later on and then finally Happiness, maybe all within the space of 1 year but with no exact timeline.  When they turned around and said ‘let’s release all 3 at the same time’ to say I was shocked was an understatement!  We’d gone from maybe 1 or 2 products to at least 6 in no time at all and this project was about to take up nearly all of my time whilst still keeping it secret from people – not the easiest of things to do!

The Middle

You may remember THIS photo I uploaded onto Instagram pretty much a year ago well that’s where the fun started! Deciding on the fragrances and eye shadow colours was the fun bit.  Knowing that the ultimate decision would lie with me and I could create more or less whatever I liked was so exciting but also held a lot of responsibility.  I really had to think about what people would want from a fragrance and eyeshadow palette.  Yes it has to look nice but it also has to do what you want and be able to reflect a certain mood.  So after smelling at least 30 different scents (which can give you quite a headache!) and adapting them slightly to what I thought would make them better, and after testing numerous different shades we managed to have the basis of the Peace, Love & Happiness collection.


Peace Landscape

For me this is the simplest of the 3 components.  Being at peace with yourself and having a peaceful mindset are so important in life and I know that I am most at peace when I am content with life in both a personal and professional way.  I am relaxed when I am with family, friends or a loved one and also feel great and at ease when I am working on something that I love.  Sometimes we need to look a little deeper to find our own Peace but I wanted the fragrance to reflect that ‘comfort’ feeling when you’ve found Peace and the colours of the Peace eye palette are browns and neutral tones – again adding that it’s simple and you don’t need any form of extravagance or vibrance.  It’s about you and finding your own Peace.


Love Landscape

The word love is universally known.  No matter what language you speak or where you’re from.  It can also be expressed in so many different ways but I wanted to focus on a more intense side of love.  Although love can be pretty and flowery and everything, there’s also a deeper love which is closer to lust and is more intense in many ways.  The colours I chose for this palette are ones I would use to create a smokey eye and gives you the option to opt for a more blue or dark pink tinted smokey eye.  The fragrance to match this is also stronger than the other two and perfect to wear on a night out or for date night.


Happiness Landscape

The brightest of the fragrances and eye palettes.  I feel that the imagery and name of this speaks for itself.  When deciding on scents and colours I said that Happiness for me was having freedom and almost like ‘running through a field being totally care free’ (you know, like you see in films?!)  This is such a fresh scent and perfect for the daytime and the colours in the eye shadow palette are also ideal for creating a super light and ‘barely there’ look with a hint or pink.  The eyeshadows also double up as blushers and highlighters which is another thing I love about the Happiness palette.

The End

P1260024 P1260027 P1260042 P1260050

So there you have it, above are some images of some of the products including the 15ml rollerballs that are also available to buy in case you can’t decide which fragrance you like the most and want to try out all 3!  These fragrances are designed to be able to be layered on top of each other giving you the chance to experiment and create you own unique scent which I personally think is pretty cool and got so overly excited when I got told that I could use this technology in my collection!  Let me know what you think of the products and don’t forget to tag me in any photos you have of you or your products!

To shop the full collection now click HERE.

Love Landscape 3 bottles