My latest campaign for boohoo – boohooFIT


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As some of you might know – last year I was fortunate enough to be asked by boohoo to travel to Australia to shoot the BoohooFIT campaign for Spring/Summer Australia.  It was definitely up there amongst my proudest achievements so far – being recognised as a dancer and young person who is fitness aware.  I feel as though fitness has become the ‘cool’ thing to be in to over the last few years but for me it’s been a part of my life since I was a child and started dancing at the age of 2.  I will be the first one to admit that I’m not obsessed with working out and won’t ever force myself to get to the gym or do any exercise – I genuinely enjoy pushing my body knowing that I will get some great results and maintain the physique I want.  I’m hoping that’s what boohoo saw in me when they asked me to be involved in the FIT campaign shoot in Australia and shortly after, they asked me to shoot the next campaign for boohooFIT in the UK.  2 campaigns for an online giant within 1 year?! That’s CRAZY – I’m so overwhelmed and grateful and can’t believe that it’s my job to be able to shoot campaigns for such a great brand.  The fact that I have been shopping at boohoo for years and love what it stands for in it’s message of #WeAreUs meaning that everyone is free to express themselves however they want, everyone is their own person, is also an added bonus for me to be affiliated with this great brand.

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The active wear in this current campaign is even better than the last – something that boohoo always aim to achieve, they are constantly trying to ‘out do’ themselves and when I first walked into the studio in East London in December where we shot the campaign I think my first words were ‘Can I have one of everything please?!’ as I was in love with each piece for so many different reasons.  This collection is comprised of 3 different types of looks each suitable for a different type of workout.  There’s the ‘Cardio Look’ which are pieces that are designed to be perfect for a high energy workout like HIIT or a workout class, the ‘Yoga Look’ which consists of harem pants and cross over tops, perfect for the calmer ways to work out like doing yoga or pilates (which I’m a massive fan of!)  Finally there is the more ‘Urban Look’ which features some really cool patterns and crop tops that are great for a more dance based workout like Zumba or a dance class at your local studio.  Literally something for everyone – and at the most affordable prices which is an added bonus.

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I’d like to think that the images speak for themselves in this campaign but one thing that you can’t tell from looking at them is the comfort of the pieces.  The material of the leggings is super soft and it ‘defined’ all the right areas.  We all want to look our best when we’re working out – most of the time our faces won’t be looking too great – I challenge you to do an hour of high intensity interval training and look fresh and ‘pretty’ at the end!  It’s impossible!!  The crop tops with multiple straps didn’t dig in and the leotards were designed to not give you a wedgy as soon as you do any sign of movement.  Perfect for those times when we’re trying to focus on improving our body and keep everything in place, rather than exploiting our own insecurities!

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 It’s always nerve wracking shooting something like a campaign because you know that so many people are going to see it and once you leave the studio after a day of shooting all of the images (including those half blinked ones that you weren’t ready for) they’re in the hands of the photographer/retoucher and the brand to decide which ones are the ‘best’.  Luckily I knew that I was in safe hands as we had been reviewing the images on a laptop as the day was going on, each outfit I put on I insisted that ‘THIS is my new favourite’!  The styling and photography team were so much fun to work with all day and as you can see from the campaign images – they were also REALLY good at their jobs, whether it be styling, hair & make up or photography.  I hope you take a look at the boohoo site where not only are there more images but also more pieces in the FIT range at great prices.  Browse, shop and wear with enjoyment and tag any photos of yourself in your new active wear using the hashtag #WeAreUs.

Shop the whole collection here.

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