Fashion Flare with a Shearling Shield

Winter dressing can be tricky when you want to wear warm clothing but still be comfy.  I’m a big fan of these knitted flares from Missguided and think they are the perfect thing to wear now it’s colder.  Flares have been a massive hit this year with denim flares taking over the high street and catwalk – and now ‘jogger’ style flares are taking over to stay cosy this winter.  I have also bought out my shearling leather jacket that I got a few years ago and still love it when it gets cold enough to wear.  Shearling is always such a massive trend for winter and so I have listed a number of options below the photos to suit different budgets. This shoot took place in Limehouse on the coolest industrial bridge.  All details of the outfit can be found at the bottom of this post.

_M2A1156 _M2A1175 _M2A1184 _M2A1198 _M2A1096 _M2A1123 _M2A1137 _M2A1055 _M2A1068 _M2A1005 _M2A1030 _M2A0996

All photography by Victoria Mexatas (

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