The Yacht Week 2015 – Croatia

If you follow me on Instagram (dcp1006) then you would have seen that I visited Croatia with The Yacht Week for a week of sailing the Adriatic Sea on a yacht with a group of friends in August.  The comments I received from the photos I posted were so positive that I created a post on my trip to fully explain the experience I had whilst on The Yacht Week.  Before going on this trip, I had no idea what to expect – I hadn’t ever experienced living on a yacht nor did I know that some nights we wouldn’t even dock at a port but would literally anchor in the sea with not a patch of dry land in sight.  The boat was our home and all of our resources to survive the week were within the ‘Minandra’ – the name of our yacht.  Throughout my Croatian adventure I visited, Hvar, Vis, Palmizana and the Old City of Split and I fell in love with the untouched country – it is already on my list of places I want to re visit to explore even more.  As well as the beauty of the country and various towns, I also experienced the nightlife and restuarants that Croatia has to offer, the food I tried was some of the freshest I have ever experienced and their clubs and bars have such a great buzz about them, it’s clear that everyone has a great time when they visit Croatia and people are so happy to be in such an amazing country.  I could write 12 blog posts on why I loved my time on The Yacht Week but I’m going to let my photos speak me.  Thank you to The Yacht Week (especially Dane, Tori & Riley!) for giving me such an amazing experience and memories I will never forget and a special shoutout to Sarah for helping me document my journey by shooting me using my Olympus PEN E-PL7!  All exact or similar outfit links are at the bottom of the page.


For more information on The Yacht Week and the countries they explore throughout the year visit their website here and for more images from The Yacht Week you should check out their Instagram.

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