yoomoo strawberry – #fashionfreeze

Welcome to part 2 of my yoomoo #fashionfreeze competition – if yoo have no idea what I’m talking about then yoo need to check out this post. So last month I told yoo about the new competition that yoomoo are running which could enable yoo to win a trip to New York City by uploading your tropical themed outfits to Instagram or Facebook.  The first winner has already been selected – to check out the winning entry click here.  This month we are doing it all over again but with a different theme …. Strawberry!  The yoomoo frozen lollies are my favourite snack especially over summer as they’re so refreshing! Plus the fact that they’re low in fat and calories means they’re completely guilt free!

Myself and yoomoo want to see how yoo can style different outfits related to the yoomoo strawberry flavoured lollies.  This doesn’t mean that yoo have to dress up as a giant strawberry (luckily), but using your imagination and creativity, select pieces and accessories that are connected to the strawberry theme.  Now we’re on the brink of a lovely summer ahead, fashion retailers are all about colourful bits to create the perfect summer outfit whether it’s for yoo to wear on holiday or to rock at home hanging out with friends.  I have selected a few of my favourite strawberry themed  pieces below to give you inspiration.  Once yoo have created the perfect strawberry themed look, all yoo need to do is upload it onto the yoomoo Facebook page (which can be found here) or or tag your photo with #fashionfreeze on Instagram (which can be found here) – at the end of the month, I will look at all of the entries and pick my favourite 3 based on creativity and relevance to the yoomoo strawberry theme.  The winner of each of these stages will be put to a head-to-head vote in August, and the winner will be off to New York City on the holiday of a lifetime!  So basically there’s no excuse not to enter, as you get to dress up in a great outfit, take a photo and then hopefully finish with a trip to NYC!

Here are some great strawberry inspired pieces to help give you ideas…

yoomoo strawberry

Photo 09-06-2015 19 24 46 Photo 09-06-2015 19 23 47 Photo 09-06-2015 15 40 12 Photo 09-06-2015 15 39 29

Keep an eye on the yoomoo Facebook and Instagram pages to see if yoo’ve won and to check out the other entries and for all the information you need including the T’s&C’s.  Also, make sure yoo check out my Instagram for some inspiration with my yoomoo strawberry flavoured outfit posts!