#myPINKOexperience – A trip to Florence with PINKO

I recently received an email inviting me to an exclusive shoot with the uber cool brand Pinko – an opportunity I knew I had to take.  Then I found out that the shoot would take place in Florence, Italy.  As a blogger to work with the best brands in the world is the goal and what we all aspire to do but when it leads to travelling the world to do so it’s a massive bonus.  The trip was all in celebration of their new shine baby shine range of footwear which comes in a variety of different colours and styles.  You can see my favourite pair in the photos shot below, my whole outfit is from PINKO. The whole team behind #myPINKOexperience were so lovely and definitely a group of people I hope to work with again, on top of that, the other bloggers and influencers that were involved were so much fun and I’ve made some great worldwide friends from Turkey, Russia, Holland, France and Lithuania.  Check out the photos below that were shot by the incredible Ed Kavishe of fashionwirepress.com.



Photo credits Ed Kavishe/fashionwirepress.com

Below are some other photos from my trip to Florence all shot on my Olympus PEN E-PL7.

thumb_P6160105_1024 thumb_P6160108_1024

The shine baby shine shoes come in a variety of colours and styles

thumb_P6160121_1024 thumb_P6160131_1024 thumb_P6170187_1024 thumb_P6170193_1024 thumb_P6170220_1024

Admiring the stunning views of Firenze

thumb_P6170239_1024 thumb_P6170259_1024 thumb_P6170267_1024 thumb_P6170269_1024 thumb_P6170280_1024 thumb_P6170294_1024  thumb_P6170319_1024 thumb_P6170399_1024

Sampling some amazing Italian food

thumb_P6170411_1024 thumb_P6170421_1024 thumb_P6170439_1024 thumb_P6170445_1024

Having fun in the PINKO store

thumb_P6170471_1024 thumb_P6170477_1024 thumb_P6180502_1024

Thank you PINKO for a wonderful time in Firenze and to the whole team for making #myPINKOexperience so great!