Be Original. Be Bing. #bingoriginals

We’re always learning and wanting to discover things in life and is the ultimate hub of information and inspiration.  More often than not when we want to know the answer to even the simplest question or query we all turn to the internet.  Did you know, the search engine used on your iPhone search bar is in fact connected to Bing rather than Google which most people would assume and it contains more information than any other search engine? recently held a competition to find the next big UK photography talent by asking people to enter a photo of their own into the Bing Originals competition.  The competition that has been supported by the uber cool Dazed Magazine invited 16-30 year olds to capture unique moments in whatever way they felt necessary and upload it onto the Bing Originals site for the chance to have their work on the Bing UK homepage and win a DSLR camera to enable them to capture even more amazing photos in the future.

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I also entered the competition after taking photos on my Nokia Lumia 930 and being so amazed at the quality of the photos that were taken,  I have always been an iPhone girl but after seeing the photos that can be captured on the Lumia I will definitely carry it around with me to snap anything that interests me.  I’m also learning some of the other functions on the phone and being able to have all of my iPhone data securely stored on it is so handy.  Plus the ‘Cortana’ function on the phone is so genius and can remember anything you tell it to from reminding you to buy milk as you walk past the supermarket to sending all calls to voicemail automatically when you’re in an important meeting/exam to avoid those embarrassing ring tones going off when they’re not supposed to!  To check out the photos that I entered into the competition click here.



All photos provided by Bing