Tresemme presents Perfectly (Un)done

The hair gurus at Tresemme have just launched a brand new collection of products that will change the way you do you hair forever!  Perfectly (Un)done aims to help you achieve the perfect wave for your hair but without making it look too ‘styled’.  It enables you to to give that natural look which is what we all aim to achieve, especially as it’s heading towards summer and we all want that beachy summer hair!  I was recently involved in a shoot for Tresemme along with three other bloggers where they styled my hair using the Perfectly (Un)done range.  They chose a different piece of art work for each of us to emulate  by styling us in the same outfit and placing us in the same surroundings as that in the painting.  The only modern twist was that they were using 3 fashion and beauty bloggers of the present day and styled all of our hair using the Perfectly (Un)done range.  The painting that I was matched to is called Retrato de Mujer by Diego Rivera and was painted in 1944 and my hair was styled with more of a Hollywood wave using the Perfectly (Un)done range.  Massive thanks to Tresemme for asking me to be involved.


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Below are some behind the scenes photos from the day.  We shot in an amazing old house in the back streets of Shoreditch.

Photo 27-04-2015 18 44 24 Photo 27-04-2015 18 44 08 Photo 27-04-2015 18 43 48 Photo 15-04-2015 18 22 59

 I absolutely loved my hair and makeup from the day – although I couldn’t keep the lipstick on because it stopped me from eating and drinking!

My hair was styled by the amazing Dayaruci – one of the best hairstylists around, also the man responsible for helping maintain Kim Kardashians peroxide blonde hair recently.  If he’s good enough for her, he’s certainly good enough for me!  Doing make up for the day was Terry Barber who is MAC’s Director of Make Up Artistry and did some great make up on me including a brick coloured lip with some powder pigment over the top to make it super matte.  The photographer was David Goldman who is known for his use of great lighting and managed to recreate the pictures in the most precise and perfect way.  Tresemme have created a video tutorial to show you how you can create a Perfectly (Un)done wave for yourself at home.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Tresemme