Shopping made easy with ‘Like To Know It’

I’m obsessed with Instagram but also obsessed with shopping.  So when I discovered Like to Know It which allows me to shop the items I saw on other peoples Instagram accounts I couldn’t believe it and am now hooked on it and do mist of my online shopping this way.  Like to Know It is an online site that you sign up to which means that every time you like a photo on Instagram with these three links #liketkit @liketkit, you will get an email with the items and where you can shop them.  Online shopping literally couldn’t be easier – no body likes trawling through pages and pages of items to find one specific item that you’ve seen online, and now you don’t have to!  Simply sign up by clicking here and following instructions and you’ll be on your way to some of the easiest shopping experiences of your life!  Plus it’s free to join so you have nothing to lose, but lots of nice clothes to gain!  Check out some simple ‘how to’ images below and also some of my Instagram shots that I have linked up to Like to Know It to make it easy for you to shop my outfits directly.

Here are two examples of how I have included links in my Instagram posts.  Anyone who is signed up to the site will receive all outfit details directly to their inbox and will never again have to ask  ‘where is that from’ – its such a genius idea and means that you can browse Instagram and create a shopping basket full of your favourite items at the same time!
Photo 18-05-2015 19 50 01 Photo 18-05-2015 19 49 33

If you’re more of a visual person then watch the tutorial video below to find out what to do to get started! Happy shopping xx