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I’ve never been much of a book worm.  For me to get into a book there really has to be something that draws me in, if I’m bored after the first chapter then I’ll put it down and never think about it again!  So when I came across the book ‘Map My Style‘ by Dom & Ink (or to refer to his full name , Dominic Evans) I was intrigued as to what it might be about and whether I would enjoy it.  Well, this book is like no other I have ever come across and that alone has made me want to read every page and get involved.  See, this book is actually a sketch book for the reader.  Throughout the pages, you are asked to write or draw several different things that relate to your life, mainly the fashion and style elements in life.  Such as ‘Draw what you look like on a Saturday night’ and ‘Describe your awesomeness with one word’  as well as asking you to stick in photos of yourself and giving tips and advice on several different styles and trends.  While on the first few pages the book admits to no being able to give you a ball gown, it does state that it ‘will get you to embrace your style and shape, and teach you to bitchslap your prince charming while looking damn fine!’  Basically if you like fashion but are sometimes unsure on what might suit you or you fancy being creative and sketching some cool patters and style notes this book is for you.  Not to mention the sketches throughout the book actually make it a work of art before you’ve even taken your pen to the pages and made it your own!  I’ve already started filling in the pages of mine by flicking to a random page and completing it!  Once your book is full it is a great little fashion and style diary for you to look back to, even as time goes on it will be great to look back at in a few years and see how your ideas and style has changed!  Check out some photos below of my book and buy your very own ‘Map My Style’ by clicking here.  (I’ve also got 2 copies of the book to giveaway – check out the details below and head over to my twitter to enter!)

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GIVEAWAY of Map My Style

I have 2 copies of the Map My Style book to giveaway and its so easy to enter! Simply head over to twitter, follow @dom_and_ink  and repost the photo below using #idlelanelovesMMS.  I will select the winners at random and you will receive your copies of the book! GOOD LUCK!

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