Breakfast of Champions – The Breakfast Club

I love food!  I have always enjoyed going out for food and within the last year I have found myself going out for breakfast and brunch more than any other meal and I’m obsessed with it.  I’m constantly looking for an excuse to have a breakfast meeting and love finding new places.  I recently went back to a place that I have always loved and is so famous for its breakfast that they’ve dedicated they’re title to the most important meal of the day – The Breakfast Club.  This world famous venue has franchises all over – and in London you’re never far from a Breakfast Club to feed you and satisfy all your ‘foodie’ needs.  When myself and a friend decided to pop in for some food we took our time strolling through Soho before turning onto D’Arblay Street to be welcomed by a queue outside!  It only consisted of about 7 people but for 11am on a tuesday morning that is bizarre for any restaurant, unless you’re The Breakfast Club.  Luckily we barely had to wait as the other groups needed tables for more people so once we were inside we then had the task of decideing what to order.  The menu literally has everything and anything you could ever want but after deciding what I wanted I was definitely not disappointed when the food arrived.  My poached eggs and avocado on brown bread were literally perfection and my friends Full English breakfast probably could’ve fed 10 people! However, even though our meals were amazing, we still had room to try out the pancakes with mixed berries afterwards (I told you there is so much to choose from!)  The food is so great there and what’s more is that the atmosphere inside is so relaxed and fun and the decor makes it such a nice place to chill and enjoy good food with good friends.  I’m already trying to figure out when I can go back as there are so many more things that I want to order!  To visit a breakfast club in London click here.  

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