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As some of you may know, I have hair extensions in most of the time.  I have only been having them done for about 18 months now but I’m so glad I have them as I have aways found my hair very difficult to deal with, especially when it was curly.  The company I always go to for my extensions is called Wonderful Hair – and that is certainly what they provide. Whatever you require they can create, they colour match your colour to the colours of real hair that they have and are also able to mix a number of colours together to get the exact colour you want.  Before I had my extensions I was under the impression that they were really difficult to manage and that they always get matted or your hair falls out when you get them removed but none of this has ever applied to my hair when I have experienced using Wonderful Hair.  I went a got my hair colour matched and decided on a length for my extensions to be (I always go for longer than I actually want as I then get them cut into a style – always better to cut down than to wish you had it a bit longer!)  After the colour match process, they can have the hair ready so quickly as it is all bonded in house.  I had 1 week between my colour match and my application and they managed to whip up 250 bonds which were a mixture of 3 different colours in total!

Some facts about Wonderful Hair if you’re considering getting some done:

WONDERFUL HAIR premium hair Extensions:  VOTED #1 for authenticity, Quality & consistency

  • Every strand is the same length with no Split Ends
  • No tangling, breakage or shedding
  • Will not lose vibrancy or shine over time
  • Hair will not “crawl” or “bunch up”
  • No need for excessive leave in treatments to maintain softness or control
  • Colour will not fade in time
  • Double drawn

They are also available in 3 different lengths, 40cm, 50c, and 55cm so you have the control to achieve the exact look you want.  This time I went for the 40cm which is still pretty long but manageable for me with my specific lifestyle.  To check out some photos of extensions that Wonderful Hair have applied check out their Instagram by clicking here.

The application time can vary depending on how think your own hair is and how many bonds they are putting in, mine takes a hefty 4-5 hours from start to finish but then anyone who has seen my hair when it is curly knows how much hair I actually have and that it is quite thick so I need a lot of bonds.  For most people it takes about 2 hours and is completely pain free.  The actual technology behind it is really clever and I still don’t quite understand how it’s done but they use a Cold Fusion Technology that bonds your hair to the extension using ultra sound – they place the extension where it is needed and the tool that fuses it all together is on a timer and bleeps once they bond is complete.  Totally pain free to you and your hair. Photos in this post show the various different stages of having hair extensions – if you’re considering it then I would definitely recommend checking out Wonderful Hair as I have been using them for ages now and never had any problems with them.  They also tell you which special shampoo and conditioner you should use in order to keep your extensions looking their best and are happy to offer help and advice if you ever need it.  Check out some photos of when I went to get my extensions applied recently and for more information visit www.wonderfulhair.co.uk.

Photo 28-01-2015 12 11 44 Photo 28-01-2015 12 11 33 Photo 28-01-2015 12 11 17 Photo 28-01-2015 12 11 11

The photos show all of the individual bonds that are applied to my hair and the machine used to do so.  Also, the salon that I had mine applied in is at Wonderful Hair HQ and is so comfy, plus they bring you cups of tea whilst you get your hair done which was an added bonus!

Photo 29-01-2015 16 14 17

Before and After (but not cut in or styled)

And finally…..

Photo 30-01-2015 23 51 37

The finished cut and style of them (styled by Ky Wilson at Percy & Reed)

Dress: AX Paris / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Bag: Givenchy

If you would like to recreate this look for yourself we have many Wonderful Hair Salons across the UK please call 0208 527 6166 to book a FREE Consultation or visit our online shop www.wonderfulhair.co.uk for more information

Here are some of my favourite look created using Wonderful Hair

Photo 02-02-2015 10 50 29Photo 02-02-2015 10 49 52Photo 02-02-2015 10 49 15Photo 02-02-2015 10 48 17