Valentines Day Inspiration – J.W.Anderson at Avenue 32

Once again we have completed the first month of a new year and are now into February.  This month can see the surrendering of all of those New Years Resolutions and people are already thinking ahead to where to go on their holiday in the summer.  However, one event that can not be avoided in February is Valentines Day.  A whole day dedicated to showing your loved one how much they mean to you.  I personally love Valentines Day, whether you’re single or in a relationship I think its great to celebrate love and remember all of the important things in life, such as how important it is to love a person and to be loved.  As many couples all over the world start to make plans for this romantic day, a major decision for women is ‘what to wear’.  It can be tricky dressing for a date anyway, let alone one on Valentines Day where I think people go out of their way to make that extra bit of effort.  Plus it’s nice to surprise your other half with a bit of a ‘new look’ on a day like this – most of us love surprises so a fashionable surprise is no different!  I have recently discovered the fashionable designer website Avenue 32, they host a huge range of various different designers and their crisp and clean website makes online shopping such a breeze.  A brand that I have been a fan of for a while but never really explored too much is J.W.Anderson.  You may recognise the name from collaborations with Topshop but beyond that, their creations are simple yet so chic and cross a wide range of looks to suit any women’s personal style. Read what Vogue had to say about the ‘surreal but surprisingly seductive’ collection created by J.W.Anderson – perfect for a Valentines date.

I have created 2 inspiration boards, one to show different Valentines outfits for a date during the day, the other for an evening date.  All items are from J.W.Anderson at Avenue 32 and available to buy online.


Avenue 32 Valentines Daytime Date



Avenue 32 Valentines Night Date

These are just my personal ideas for outfits, there are so many more things available on the Avenue 32 site – below are some more of my favourites from the site.