New York Fashion Week – Chloe Gosselin Presentation

It’s that time of year again, New York Fashion Week is upon us once again and I have been fortunate enough to be invited to various events during the week.  I arrived in New York in the evening on Valentines Day and got straight into it the next day with brunch meetings and events to attend.  One of the first presentations I attended was the Chloe Gosselin presentation at the Lori Bookstein Gallery.  It’s such a great place to hold a presentation as it’s got great lighting and all of the shoes could be displayed in a way that was simple to view them but on different levelled platforms to make the presentation a little more interesting to look at.  I love the shoes Chloe designs and when I spoke to her briefly she told me that she has really experimented using textures and fabrics with this collection (the fur lined tie up heels are amazing!) and that she has started to introduce a chunkier heel on her boots which she will also start to do on the heels she creates for next season.  When asked what sort of woman wears a pair of Chloe Gosselin shoes, she replied ‘a strong woman who knows how to make an impact but without it being too out there or in your face.’ I couldn’t agree more with that statement and am certainly looking to purchase a pair or two in the near future.  For the collection and for more information, visit the Chloe Gosselin website by clicking here.  Check out photos from the presentation below.

Photo 16-02-2015 09 08 29 Photo 16-02-2015 09 07 55 Photo 16-02-2015 09 07 12 Photo 16-02-2015 09 06 35 Photo 16-02-2015 09 06 03 Photo 16-02-2015 09 05 24 Photo 16-02-2015 09 04 46 Photo 16-02-2015 09 04 30

Myself with designer Chloe Gosselin and in my ‘blogger mode’ getting shots of the shoes on display.

Photo 16-02-2015 09 14 41 Photo 16-02-2015 09 14 12 Photo 16-02-2015 09 13 40


What I’m wearing

Coat –  Missguided

Shirt & Heels – Next

Trousers – H&M

Bag – DanniJo