Body love from The Body Shop

I have shopped at The Body Shop since I was so young.  I think the first product I fell in love with was the body butters in every imaginable flavour that all smelt amazing.  I would spend ages in the shop smelling each tester pot and end up buying them all because I couldn’t choose just one! I still shop there and now love the brand even more because of their ethical values and how they use their established place on the high street to highlight various different issues that are ongoing and do their best to educate their customers on how we can all make a difference.  They’re just one of those ‘feel good’ brands, and as a result of this, I love buying products from there as I then feel good about myself!  I recently discovered a few new products from their skin range that I can’t get enough of and are established into my skincare regime as a firm favourite – they have been so good to keep my skin fresh during NYFW and I’m going to keep using them for LFW too.  The first of these products is the ‘Drops of Youth’ concentrate for skin.  Just a few drops massaged into your skin keeps it looking youthful – and are great to use even if you are still young to keep your skin looking fresh and prevent the signs of ageing.

 Photo 11-02-2015 16 39 02

The ‘Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil’ is calming for skin due to the ingredients and feels nourishing without feeling too oily on my skin.  It removes last traces of make up and is suitable for all skin types!  Finally, the ‘Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask’ is a miracle worker for my skin.  After taking off my make up and washing my skin like normal and using a cleanser or toner I get a penny sized amount of this and massage it all over my skin.  It looks like a cream from inside the jar but actually has a strange spongey texture to it and is designed to get deep into pores and extract any dirts that may be trapped as well as hydrating skin over night.  It’s easy to sleep in (I’d advise waiting 10 minutes os so after applying to let the initial wetness die down) and is washed off in the morning.  It can be used every night so you can achieve the best results and as the jar is quite big you’ll get a lot of uses out of just one jar!

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To shop these products and more visit The Body Shop website by clicking here or visit your local store.