Wooly Wonders – Woolovers

With the weather being as cold as it is at the moment it can really limit options for a good outfit.  I’m craving my summer wardrobe and can’t wait to not have to wear a thick coat and carry an umbrella everywhere I go! However, the sun won’t be shining like that for a while so at the minute I’m focusing on making my winter wardrobe as great as possible which has been made so much easier since discovering woolovers.com.  It’s a clothing site dedicated to various different styles of knitwear, including cardigans, jumpers, roll necks and tops.  The materials of the items available to buy vary from wool, cashmere and silk and they currently sell to customers worldwide.  I have been scrolling through the website for a while and have posted images of some of my favourite cardigans and jumpers below.  They have loads of great offers on when you buy multiple items too and with the quality being so high, it’s definitely worth buying from there as they will most definitely keep you warm in the horrible cold temperatures!




All items available from woolovers.com