THX Total Hair Experts Spiralicious Bubble Wand

I have previously published a blog post on what I use to create waves in my hair, but since then I have tested out a few different products which I always try to let you guys know what I’m using either through this blog or my Instagram (@dcp1006).  I have always used a simple barrel wand to create a wave or curl in my hair but recently discovered the THX Spiralicious Wand that because of its unique shape can create a number of different styles by wrapping the hair around different parts of the barrel.  The wand can reach a temperature setting of 210ºC and the extra-long length of the wand means it can easily curl longer hair. As most of us are in a rush when getting ready, the fact that this wand heats up in just 30 seconds and has a 3m long cord enables it to be used even if you don’t have a mirror right by your plug socket as it will stretch far!  Finally the price – unlike a lot of similar products on the market today, the THX Spiralicious Bubble Wand is just £25! Yes that’s right, £25 from Tesco so it’s so easily accessible.  Check out the cool design below and find a link to shop the THX Wand directly from this blog post. Watch the YouTube video to learn more about THX and some of their their great products   Happy curling! xx

THX Total Hair Experts, Spiralicious bubble hair wand, £25, Tesco

Shop the THX Wand by clicking here.