Nuxe Dreams

Before the New Year I received a few parcels in the post as Christmas gifts from some lovely people – as a treat* from I got a box of Nuxe stuff which had been on my wishlist for so long!  I am such a big believer in investing in good skin products – they might not be for everyone and you’re a lucky one if the £1.99 face wash from the supermarket works wonders on your skin but I like to know I’m outting good quaity products into my skin to get the best results.  You treat your skin well, it will treat you well in return! I recently posted ‘My Beauty Wishlist’ which included 2 of the products featured in this blog and am so happy that I can now use them for myself as well as a few others from the Nuxe range!

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I know that beauty products can be expensive to buy and a lot of my readers always want to try out products but don’t necessarily want to buy a product without ‘testing’ it first.  For the last few months I have been receiving the Beauty Box from – a box full of miniature beauty products from all across the range of things.  I have been able to try out some amazing products for my hair, face, body and nails and now use the products regularly.  The best thing about the Beauty Box is that it is only £15 for between 7-10 products which is such good value for the quality of brands that are available.  The value of each box is approximately £45 (released on the 1st of every month) and every so often a lucky recipient of the box will win an extra special treat. (At the moment, have included and GHD Eclipse Styler in one of their boxes which is worth £145!)  If you think this is something for you – which if you’re a beauty fan I can’t see how you wouldn’t want this then click here to find out more. Finally…..THEY DELIVER WORLDWIDE – ultimate win!

To shop these products visit or click the images below to shop the product directly. (some products now sold out so similar ones are linked.)