Making Magic – AVON

I recently got some new make up from Avon*.  I’ve never tried their make up before and didn’t realise they had such a wide variety of colours – or that it had so many different products within the various different ranges.  Avon is a worldwide company that has appeared in publications such as Grazia and Look Magazine and prides itself in creating good quality products at really reasonable prices.  Check out the bits I got all with links to shop the products directly.  Or visit the Avon website by clicking here.

Photo 02-01-2015 12 57 48 Photo 02-01-2015 12 58 38

You can’t really tell from the photo but the blush duo actually has a shimmer in it and the idea is that you can make your cheeks pink and also highlight your cheekbone at the same time!

Photo 02-01-2015 12 59 23 Photo 02-01-2015 13 00 10 Photo 02-01-2015 13 01 06

These lipsticks aren’t colours that I would normally go for but after I took these photos I wanted to try them out and the colours aren’t as bold as I thought they would be.  I would definitely incorporate these into my make up routine with subtle eye make up as to not distract from my lip colour.

Photo 02-01-2015 13 02 10


This is perfect at removing make up and leaving skin soft just as it says on the bottle! With added jojoba oil it will leave your face feeling clean but not too oily. Everytime I get a new face product I try to test it out for at least a week to see if it works for me.  If it does, then I carry on using it – if it’s not broke don’t fix it!!

Below are some other products I recently got – click the image to shop from Avon.