Body Bling by Scott Barnes

Last year I went to the a charity event and had my make up done by an amazing make up artist (check out my look here) and after she had worked her magic on my face she started putting some make up on my legs to make them look bronzed and basically perfect!  She used the Body Bling by Scott Barnes product (from on my legs and I have honestly never seen such an amazing instant tanning product!  Celebrity Make Up Artist Scott Barnes has worked with literally everyone and is responsible for making women such as Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian look as amazing as they always do!  You may have heard of a product call ‘The Glow’ by JLo, the idea for this product came after Scott used Body Bling on Jennifer and it has now been celebrated all over the world and used by millions to create a flawless bronzed look.  Body Bling comes in an ‘Original’ and ‘Platinum’ version, the latter being for fairer skin tones to ensure it looks natural and you don’t look ‘over tanned’!  It is definitely worth the price and I use it every time I go out and have either my arms or legs on display to add a sheen to my skin and make my skin glow!  Check out the photos of the Body Bling products and also of myself wearing Body Bling on my legs.  I have also included 2 tutorials on how to apply Body Bling by Scott Barnes himself and another by legendary make up artist Charlotte Tilbury. To visit and shop Body Bling click here.





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