The Book of Everyone – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Each year it gets harder to think of a Christmas gift that is thoughtful and creative but still reasonably priced. We all have the usual things on our wishlist for Christmas like slippers or a nice scented candle but it’s those little surprise gifts that make each year so memorable. I recently discovered the website and instantly fell in love with the ideas the have to offer. The Book of Everyone is a personalised book (paperback, hardback or deluxe edition) that is completely personalised to a friend or family member of your choice by simply putting their name and basic details (gender, birthday) into the website. From here, a book full of fun and interesting facts is created with each page connecting to the receiver of the gift! Such a cool idea! You can also edit pages to add in personal photos of the two of you and change the layout of some of the pages and the cover colour and text. You can also preview the whole book before placing your order to ensure everything is exactly how you want it.

I had so much fun creating a book for a close friend of mine and can’t wait until they open it and get to read a few pages based entirely on facts revolving around their life and the year the were born. What’s more – this Christmas, The Book of Everyone have teamed up with the charity Age UK and with every book you buy it goes towards the gifting of a book for an elderly person who may not receive a gift. So you get to buy someone special a great gift and give an elderly person a gift for free to ensure they feel loved and cared for this Christmas. Most of us are fortunate to share this time of year with those we’re closest to, but for many people it’s such a lonely time of year, the thought alone that I have helped put a smile on someone’s face this year is so heartwarming, and it hasn’t cost me loads of money to do so. It’s the simple things in life that are the most satisfying so this is one of my biggest gift recommendations this Christmas.

Check out some photos of the book I am wrapping up for a friend of mine this year and check out the website and how to order yours by clicking here.

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