Your Skincare Q&A….Merumaya

A while ago I published a blog post about a new skincare regime I was trying called Merumaya.  It is described as ‘Integrative, Effective Skincare’ and after receiving loads of questions on a daily basis about how to achieve good skin I thought it would be best to pass your questions to skincare professional and Merumaya founder Maleka Dattu.  See below the Q&A to see if your question is featured and make sure you check out Merumaya for all products that really do work well and are so affordable! I’m nearly half way through some of my products and will definitely be buying some more!

What is the best product for oily skin?

​It is important that you cleanse efficiently but not aggressively.  Melting Cleansing Balm contains Sweet Almond Oil which will cut through the oil on skins to cleanse effectively. That might seem weird but oil cuts through oil and it is gentle.​

What’s the best product for targeting acne?

​Again, thorough gentle cleansing is important and ensuring that you do not damage the skin in the process of trying to rid your skin of spots so.If you wear face make up use Melting Cleansing Balm at night to remove the make up and then it is important to actually clean the skin underneath!  Use Luxury Facial Wash which contains a low level of anti – blemish ingredient and pommegranate enzymes that help to remove the dead skin cells that can cause the blockages that result in spots.  In the morning use only the Luxury Facial Wash.On the actual spots, use Concentrated Spot Treatment. It contains three anti-blemish ingredients for powerhouse treatment that does not leave a crusty mess behind.  Do not pick at them.Wash your hands regularly, change pillow cases and towels regularly. Do not use Cleansing Cloths for more than one day without laundering.  Eat well – lots of vegetables. Drink water throughout the day. Use oil-free foundations and concealers and look for the non-comedogenic ones. When you have spots/acne, I know from my own experience that you feel as though everyone is looking at the spots only but truly, they are not. Please, don’t let it affect your confidence – you are more than just spots and you are still beautiful.

See a doctor if you are really suffering – there are lots of options. More than when I was a teen. ​

What is the most important thing to do to have healthy and beautiful skin?

​There is never just one thing. Some of it is hereditary.  I do believe that good cleansing is a cornerstone to vibrant, healthy looking skin though.  Also, good hydration will keep your skin looking youthful for longer and you will want that at some point.  Daily SPF protection is essential for preventing UV damage that leads to premature ageing. Not something you need to worry about now, but you will be thankful for that in decades to come.​

What’s a god tip to help get rid of scars from spots?

​Exfoliating with a peel rather than a granular exfoliator. Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel used a couple of times a week helps. Also, rosehip oil is good for scars​ ​too.  Some skin types have a tendency to scar more than others. In the first place try really hard not to pick at and squeeze the spots. Yes, I know how difficult that is but if you are going to do it​ (I am not advocating this) make sure the area is going super clean, that you do not use your nails and preferably get a lesson from a beauty therapist on how to ‘extract’.

How can I prevent breakouts on my skin?

​Thorough, gentle cleansing twice a day – dont fall into bed with your make up on!. Exfoliation.​ ​Eat foods that have anti-inflammatory properties​ and anti-oxidant properties, drink water and try to cut out the sugary/fizzy drinks. Use oil-free hydrating products that contain anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Take a look at Iconic Youth Serum.

What is the best product to use on very dry skin?

​Iconic Youth Serum, followed by the day or night cream to layer in  and lock in moisture. Cleanse with Melting Cleansing Balm​ ​because it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable.  Consider a face oil or add a drop of Sweet Almond Oil to your night moisturiser or under it.​