Philips Lumea Precision Plus – My Review

Summer may be well and truly over but just because winter is here it’s still important to look and feel good.  Girls and their beauty regimes are fascinating, each girl has her own tricks and treatments that she undergoes, all aiming to help make her feel as comfortable and confident as possible.  During the summer I think that appointments to beauty salons peak due to girls keeping their tans topped up (hopefully with spray tans and not sunbeds!), their eyebrows and lashes perfectly preened and their hair removal in check.  Although these treatments are deemed ‘vital’ to most women, they can also add up to being very expensive.  However, you can’t put a price on feeling good, can you?  Well, according to the Philips Lumea Precision Plus, yes you can.  That price is £450. I will admit that seems like a lot of money – however, after learning that women spend approximately £8000 in their lifetime on hair removal, £450 is an extremely reasonable price to pay on one appliance that will last you forever and guarantee salon results if not better – all within 2 months of regular use.

I have always wanted to try IPL hair removal but like most females have been a little apprehensive and a bit pessimistic when it comes to what the companies ‘promise’.  So when I got the chance to try out the Philips Lumea Precision Plus myself, I was so keen to put it to the test and I thought I would prove myself right and run back to my beauty salon for my regular treatments.  After a number of sessions using the Lumea Precision Plus I found it more that successful.  I feel as though I spent longer reading the instructions to make sure I used it correctly, than actually using the appliance itself! Once you get the hang of it (which is pretty soon once you get over the initial fear and realise it’s impossible to ‘zap’ off your whole leg or give yourself laser burn) the process is pain free and so effective!


So how does it work? Basically, it uses high-intensity focused light to encourage hair to stop growing. Ideal.  It can also be used on most skin tones, unlike many other products on the market.  Even more ideal.  After holding the appliance over your skin, it delivers the laser flash without you having to do anything and even determines whether it’s in the right place to function and will let you know by the ‘ready’ flash that it can operate efficiently.  The light delivered by the IPL has such an affect on the hair, that it sheds naturally and regrowth is minimised.  It doesn’t claim to be permanent but does dramatically reduce the regrowth therefore keeping skin smooth, something every women wants.

I would definitely recommend adding this to your Christmas Wishlist, I am going to continue using mine regularly and it is particularly good to use during winter as it is advised that skin is not exposed to direct sunlight.  So if you would like to reduce any unwanted hair on your face or body by up to 80% (who wouldn’t want this!) then check out the Philips Lumea Precision Plus by clicking here.