Magnitone – Pixie Lott and Look Fantastic

Skin. We’re covered in it and it doesn’t always look how we want it to.  Especially on our face, the most exposed area of our body and the part we usually spend most time looking at and trying to ‘perfect’.  The always gorgeous and overly talented Pixie Lott has joined forces with the skin experts over at Magnitone to launch the ‘Magnitone Lucid‘ in hot pink – a daily cleansing and exfoliation brush to clean deep into the skin and is guaranteed to make it softer, brighter and clearer in 7 days.  Using Active Electromagnetic Technology and its waterproof feature enables it to be used in the shower or bath, wherever is convenient and the 10,000 pulsed oscilations per minute enable it to give a thorough clean and remove all dirt and impurities.



I recently got the chance to chat to Pixie exclusively on behalf of about why she teamed up with Magnitone and what she does to keep her skin looking and feeling good all year round.  Keep an eye out for the interview that will be released soon!  In the meantime check out the Magnitone Lucid on and add it to your Christmas Wishlist if it’s not already!