Merumaya – Integrative Effective Skincare

I have really enjoyed doing write ups on beauty products so when I had the opportunity to try out Merymaya* skincare I couldn’t wait to test it and review it on my blog.  I had the opportunity to meet the creator of Merumaya – Maleka Dattu.  After driving brands such as Lancome and Origins to the forefront of skin care where they are now, Maleka decided to take her expertise and create her own range but with the strong belief that a range 0f products could have the same if not better effect on the skin but for a fraction of the price of these other ‘designer’ brands.  The passion she has when she talks about creating a skincare range that is effective but also reasonably priced is so endearing.  I was given a range of products to try but it’s more the beliefs behind the brand that makes me so pro Merumaya.  In my opinion it is never too early to start using skincare products, whether you are young or older it is always good to look after your skin as your face is seen every single day and being confident within your skin is so important.  The idea behind this range of products is that it is so good for your skin and is also enjoyable to apply and use.  Whether you wear make up or not, these products treat your skin from within and after experiencing a facial using the range I felt an instant difference in the texture in my skin.  It also looked a lot more dewy and brighter. Below, I have written about some products that I am using at the moment, Melting Cleansing Balm, Iconic Youth Serum and Overnight Recharge Night Cream.

With the Merumaya products, the formula is guaranteed to deliver the following 5 things:

‘PREVENT Skin Ageing, PERFECT Existing Signs of Skin Ageing, PROTECT Skin from internal and external aggressors, help skin PERFORM Better for Itself and to anti – age and will not exacerbate spots if you have them.’

– Melting Cleansing Balm: This product can be used daily to remove makeup and impurities from the skin and has a lovely feel to it.  It contains anti-oxidants to help protect the skin and feels and smells lovely so is enjoyable to use on your face. Price – £14.50 for 100ml.

– Iconic Youth Serum: This serum is not so much about ‘turning back time’ but rather slowing down the natural effects of ageing.  No matter what age you are, whether you use products like this at 17 or 47, it will help slow down the ageing process and maintain the elasticity and radiance in your skin.  Price – £34.50 for 30 ml.

– Overnight Recharge Night Cream: This is a brand new product and thoroughly hydrates the skin and works whilst you sleep which is when your body does most of its repair anyway.  It is described as a ‘gym for your skin’ as it restores skin density and firmness.  Price – £33.50 for 30ml.

I have only just started using these products but will track my results and am excited to see the positive effects on my skin.  Other products in the range that I recommend are: Treatment Toner to hydrate and brighten skin tone, Intensely Youthful Eye Cream to revitalise eyes and the Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make Up Remover which removes all eye make up without scratching or causing redness to your eyes like so many other products do.

Merumaya currently have a tester set of 5 products available for you to try for just £24.50 which I highly recommend if you’re considering trying out this skincare range but don’t know which product is for you.  All products including this mini set are available from


I will be having Q&A session with Maleka Dattu, the founder of Merumaya and will be putting your skin care questions to her.  For the chance to have your question answered by her comment on this post with your question or tweet it to @idlelaneloves using the hashtag #idlelanelovesmerumaya


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