In today’s world of ‘See, Want, Buy’ things are so accessible through the internet and buying new things is as simple as swiping a screen or through the recognition of your fingerprint.  I recently came across the site Shopcade which in its own words is the place to… ‘Shop the hottest celeb styles, create lists of your fave products all in one place and get exclusive deals on the things you love.’ Seems like the perfect place for me and in fact anyone who is constantly on the look out for new pieces to add to their wardrobe or wanting a great deal on all of the newest trends.  Basically you can create a profile and post your own looks on there for people to view, but thats not all – you can also browse other peoples looks and even buy some of the clothes that they are wearing through the site.  Shopcade gives you the opportunity to view the hottest trends and ‘like’ items or ‘buy now’ all from your laptop or phone. shopcade 1 These are just some of the things that you can buy from the Shopcade site….there are hundreds of items and even choosing photos to include in this post was a tough call because there are so many things on there that I want!  As well as individual items you can view and shop whole trends like this ‘Ultimate Festival Kit’ created by @katiehandy-beith a fellow user of Shopcade. 2014-06-270614-web-missile-festguide All of these items can be bought so easily on the Shopcade site and I find the mobile app so easy to use on my phone too so I can be browsing different looks or even shopping whilst I’m on the go!  I particularly love the ‘Hot Pink Lace Up Wellies’, perfect for a day at a festival and the ‘Whole Lotta Rosie Headband’ in mint is a must have for any festival goer!  If you have a particular style icon you can search clothing that Shopcade has listed under most celebrities, I had a browse through the Selena Gomez list and the items they had listed are practically identical to things I’ve seen Selena wear herself.  So if you spot your favourite celebrity wearing something you love, chances are Shopcade have already found it or something similar and made it so easy for you to purchase or add to your ‘Like’ list to save for another time if you’re not sure if you want to buy it just yet! I will definitely be using Shopcade from now on, check out my profile @IDLELANE where I’ll be posting some of my outfits and things that I love!  Check out the Shopcade site by clicking here and you can also download the apps by using the links below.

shopcade 2