Crack the Dress Code – with help from Farfetch

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets slightly stressed when it comes to thinking about what to wear to an event.  On a daily basis we can dress however we want and represent ourselves without having to worry about being judged.  However, every so often we have to dress to impress certain people, say a potential employer.  So where do you even start when thinking about what to wear to impress someone who could potentially open the gate way for you to achieve your dreams?  Luxury fashion website Farfetch have created this simple guide to show you potential items you could wear to make sure you feel confident when in a nerve wracking situation.  Check out the images below for some invaluable tips on how to nail the perfect outfit in both business and creative interview situations, they have included hints and tips for both men and women.  I particularly love the look for ‘Women / Creative’ and will definitely remember the “rule of thumb – ‘better too smart than underdressed’!  For more info and some amazing clothes, check out

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